Whole Grains

Whole Grains- 4 Wonder-full and Healthiest grains you should stop ignoring

Whole Grains

There are four whole grains I would like you to get back in your kitchen cabinet. Really tiny grains full of mighty wonders but first let me share a small story.

Growing up, my attitude towards certain things was very poor mostly due to culture conditioning. I grew up believing that certain foods were for “peasants” while others were for “rich” people. Say like “fillet mignon”, “escargot”, “caviar”. Names that want to frustrate the roof of your mouth and back of your tongue for nothing!

This had a sort of negative impact on me. It made me believe that truly, I have to aim at having “fillet mignon” on my plate so that I can have a taste of what “rich” people were experiencing. Given that I was surrounded by poverty while eating “peasant” food. Later on I discovered, ah! another lazy myth. Oh well!

What I am about to introduce to you, to this very day, where I come from, it still is not very much appreciated. I have heard people say things like “I don’t take that because I don’t want to have a big stomach”. They refuse to take it but still go ahead and have… anyway.

So, for some time I feared greatly that I would have a politician’s figure only to realize later, it was nothing but a myth I am here to debunk!!

The picture above is an image of what we call “uji” and yes I know it’s also a place in Japan where Matcha tea (read my experience with it) originates from. Translated to English as porridge.

A special kind, usually from “Ragi flour” which in Swahili is referred to as “wimbi”. I’d be interested to hear from anyone if “wimbi” means something totally different. I am always fascinated with how one word can have different meanings.

Porridge, is not a peasant’s food and is one of the healthiest breakfast or meal you will ever have. As you can tell I did not follow what the masses were alleging. For years I have been drinking porridge and my stomach looks pleasantly flat, bless the Lord!! I have not even told you yet the many benefits I get out of it.

I stuck with my porridge, that kept us going in dry seasons. It’s that one food that reminds me of God’s grace. Matter of fact, I love it and if you don’t want to mistake me for Bruce Lee’s protegĂ©, touch not my bowl of porridge. Cup of tea as well!! I suffer not anyone to mess with these two. *Kung fu kicks the air*.

The thing with porridge is that it’s what you make of it. I have curated many recipes over the years and today I’ll share an easy family friendly recipe. Something soulful, obviously healthy and refreshing.

Perhaps you will be inspired to make friends with the four ancient grains, tiny but mighty, full of healing properties and great to have:

  • RAGI.

The flour and or whole grains. Get these miracle workers.

Whole Grains

15 Common Benefits They All Boast Of:

  1. Gluten free. For those of you who are gluten intolerant.
  2. Protection against heart disease.
  3. Treat respiratory conditions such as asthma. Even cure colds.
  4. Reduce the risk of gastrointestinal infections such as ulcers and colon cancer because of the hefty availability of fiber.
  5. Detoxify the body. (The fillet mignon group needs to see this one by the way haha!)
  6. Boost your immune system.
  7. Boost your brain function.
  8. Rich in B vitamins making it good for your nervous system.
  9. Lower bad cholesterol levels.
  10. Help with diabetes.
  11. Optimize kidney and liver functions.
  12. Prevent onset of breast cancer.
  13. Help with menstrual pain.
  14. Rich in antioxidants.
  15. Build strong bones and teeth.

They do so much more but I want to give you a rough Idea of what you will be working with. Such tiny seeds with mighty capacity.

By the way, Ragi flour, when used as a face mask, is very good for your skin. Otherwise all of them do a very good job at healing the skin internally aside from solving many other issues.

So you just need to learn how to use them, and enjoy God’s pharmacy. In His pharmacy all you need is the discipline of self control. That is “moderation even in moderation”. Otherwise there will be no side effects whatsoever.

Try starting your mornings with a bowl of uji. Or, for those of you who “intermittent fast”, this is a healthy meal to have as your first. It also makes a great pre-workout meal before you break a sweat as well as post’.

They all are so versatile as you can make drinking water with them such as barley water, you could bake with them and so much more.

Don’t fall for the big stomach story. It is a myth. I take the porridge and you will think I work out but I don’t as often. I can easily argue that it keeps me fit and gives me energy.

The foods that people consider as “peasant food” are some of the healthiest and just look very closely you’ll notice, the “rich” don’t look as healthy as the “peasants”. Looks like the caviar (which is good) but for the sake of pun in 10 did, is not doing them any service.

Their plate looks rich but they have to spend other monies maintaining their organs and wellbeing. I now don’t see what’s to admire about that.

I want a plate with solutions not a plate for status quo to prove a point to somebody hehe! You look at the statistics and those eating like peasants are living and thriving and those eating like they’re rich will not leave the house without a cream. They also have so many issues like Time magazine.

I believe you are what you eat. Get vibrant foods and don’t shy away from the ancient paths and you will discover really beneficial and health preserving ideas.

You see my porridge today made me feel like “I need to share this”. Good food will kick you off to the right mindset.

What I do:

I take 2 tablespoons of each flour and stir in a bowl of water until it forms a thick paste.

Whole Grains

Then on the cooker I place two bowls of water of the same size as the mixing bowl.

When the water comes to a boil, I pour the paste in and stir continually.

You notice that it thickens as it boils so you go with the consistency of your choice. My recommendation is don’t let it be too thin or thick. It should be drinkable and stir-able.

Whole Grains

Now the interesting part: I play with it.

Sometimes like today, I put in some blueberries, strawberries, a dash of nutmeg and cinnamon, jaggery to sweeten and then I dressed it with one and a half tablespoons of chia seeds.

Other days I put dried mango powder to add an extra vitamin C & A boost while enjoying the tart. If not I just add seeds and nuts or pour in some tamarind juice which is also extremely healthy. I have fun! Below is a picture of what I had today. There are days I don’t fancy a full stomach and resort to porridge.

When I was done, praise was stirred in my heart because it was soulful and refreshing!

I therefore not only highly esteem porridge but also recommend. I think you really should try it. Also make it a staple in your home especially during the cold seasons. It is stellar at perfecting and even improving your health and good for the whole family.

Plus with the versatility the four whole grains come with, you don’t have to be limited to porridge. Feel free with it and have fun. Bake a cake. Make some bread. Have a face mask. Make your water interesting. Spice it up. Whatever you make of it you will still reap good benefits.

Boost your health! Brain performance! Lose weight! Achieve optimal health. With this one you don’t need to thank me later. I want everyone healthy!!

So please have this in mind, we don’t live to eat, we eat to live. Also in the words of Hippocrates, “let food be your medicine and medicine your food”.


We need to stop this negative attitude towards God’s bountiful and glorious gifts such as these. They look so simple but with the state of the planet, don’t be the one to look back and wish you picked choice food. Most of the things people call “fancy” are the very things that are contributing to the multiple diseases out there. Eat simple and eat thankfully. Eat life giving foods not life depleting ones.

More importantly, eating time is not a time for gluttony, showing off and blabbing sorry to say, nonsense. It is a time to meditate on your day. Look at the wins and fails. Give thanks joyfully. Relax. Rejuvenate and rest. I like this Japanese culture where in some places during tea or dinner time, phones are not allowed neither is talking. Totally my vibe!

There is a way to eating to experience maximum benefits. By the way, food too, has some sort of life essence to it. You sit down looking at it ungratefully, complaining, on your phone and probably gossiping, gluttonously smothering everything that passes by and calculating your next attention disorder move, you’re going to be in for a rude shock.

Don’t expect good results from food if you’re approaching it with an attitude of depreciation. It does not and will never work like that. Respect food and food will respect your body. Nothing at all times, should be taken for granted and neither should you be attached to anything. Or rather, don’t be too familiar with everything that you lose the most important attitude of all called gratitude. Yes I rhymed lets not make a big deal out of it hihi!

My prayer is, may our Father in heaven lead us all to the path of good health so that maybe we can work right according to His will.

I will also leave you with this because I want you to read it out loud to yourself as you swiftly go to the market and get those ancient grains we talked about:

I will this day live a simple, sincere and serene life
Repelling promptly every thought of impurity, discontent, anxiety, discouragement, and fear.

I will cultivate health, cheerfulness, happiness, charity, gratitude and love of brotherhood.

Exercising economy in expenditure, generosity in giving, carefulness in conversation and diligence in appointed service.

I pledge fidelity to every trust and a childlike faith in God. In particular, I will be faithful in those habits of prayer, study, work, nutrition, physical exercise, deep breathing and good posture.

I shall practice self control with food, eat only healthy foods and get sufficient sleep at night. Also, I will make every effort to improve myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually every day without fail.

Consistently reminding myself that, preservation of health is a moral duty.