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20 random facts about meIn this 20 random facts about me post, I will be giving you very rare information as truthful as possible. First, can we just have a moment of silence? For this random fact? The goodness in a hot cup of ginger, lemon and honey water? Every sip has me going like YESSSSS!! AHHH!! MMHHH!! I mean, I can literally feel my cells and every fiber of my being dancing in appreciation for the hot tea treatment. I think the tea is sexy to say the least because I don’t know how else to describe it. Actually, certain things like ginger, lemon might as well be defined as nature’s finest because I do say so myself. Otherwise, I hope you had a blessed and incredible day and you’re doing fantastic. By the way, do you also have a cup of tea with you as you read this or perhaps a glass of wine? If no..get you some and enjoy the read.



My full name is Faith Rogers. However in my Identification card, I have a middle name: Faith Jenipher Rogers. Most of my identification information indicate: Faith Rogers and that’s how I identify myself too. The middle name, is my grandmum’s name from my Papa’s side and it was given to me because I was named after her.

Most people either call me Faith or come up with their own nicknames. In highschool for instance, my nickname was Rogy from my surname Rogers. Yes my dad is pure African, don’t ask me further questions. I wasn’t around during his naming ceremony and we have never discussed why he has English names in the first place.


I am 5 foot 1 inch tall and petite. This is considerably very short and quite honestly, there are certain things I have wished for myself but being taller, has never been one of them. I am very fine with climbing up kitchen counters to access stuff in the kitchen cabinet. It’s possibly good exercise for my joints and I am grateful because I could have been shorter.


I am the eldest, with one sister who reminds me of The Honey Badger-Don’t Care and several brothers.

Country of origin:

I am originally from Kenya in East Africa. No I cannot run. I didn’t ride on lions to school and we don’t drum during our free time, dancing around the fire. Neither do we have a swarm of flies everywhere. If you care to see some parts of one of the most beautiful and well developed countries, you can check Kenya-Africa.

The official language in my country is English and Swahili followed by 42 other tribal languages. I don’t identify with tribes because first of all these tribes have caused a lot of irreversible damages to the country including deaths of thousands. Second, it doesn’t make sense to me why we should be differentiated based on tribes or where in Kenya we come from. I think it would be better if we were just Kenyans.


I studied International Relations and International Law at Malmö University and completed my studies in 2015. When I chose to pursue these studies, I wanted to become the president of Kenya. In fact, after the lectures, I would pretend I was addressing the nation in front of the mirror privately. In the end, this was not really my passion. I mean, I like it but I don’t love it. It doesn’t make me come alive.


I am a Christian and I believe in God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the pillar of my life and I cannot begin to imagine where I would be without the help of God and grace.

However, many people think Christianity is about religion. As far as I’m concerned, to each his own but I HATE religion and anything religious.

God is a Father and Christ is the son whose spirit ascended in to all things when He resurrected; making it a RELATIONSHIP between a Father and His children with Christ as the mediator through grace.

So every time I confess my belief and someone labels me as religious, I get triggered!  I cannot stand religious sermons or people either. I promised to be honest yes? Christ unites, religion divides and enslaves-which is something I will not be a part of.

Personality Type:

I am an ambivert. A balance between an extrovert and an introvert. I have my seasons of being extremely social and my seasons where I want to be alone.

For the social aspect, I blend much better with like minded people. As Anne with an E would call them, Kindred Spirits. People that get me and I, them.

I am also very picky with who I want to associate myself with. If I like the company, you will be told I am the friend that comes to your rescue around the clock, makes you laugh, gives you a dose of wisdom, makes you drink wine, kick some ass behind your back on your behalf if I hear someone talking smack and not tell you about it, call you out when you mess up, brainwash you into thinking you’re the most powerful and a special human being, check if your boyfriend/girlfriend is behaving well or I’ll need to dump her etc.

Basically I come through 150% when I am on social mode (AND I LIKE YOU). If I don’t like you, I’ll be indifferent to say the least. I feel nothing and you get nothing. People that experience this side of me call me a snob and claim I have an attitude not knowing that I just don’t feel their vibe. When it’s all said and done, I resort to my cave for sometime and as long as I want. Ambivert


I am big on S O L I T U D E. Which I would define as the ability to be comfortably alone, focussing on self growth and personal goals while enjoying your own company. One cannot pour from an empty cup. I need to re-fill so that I can have something to offer the world and not be all over the place.

When this season comes, I cannot stand my privacy being intruded because I mean business when I decide to be alone. What this has taught me over the years is that, people that truly care about your wellbeing will give you the space that you need and it never affects the friendship. Then selfish people that like to take without giving, will never care if you need to reboot or not. They want you to be at their beck and call in jeopardy of your own wellness. Thankfully at this very moment, I have exactly what I need. Thanks to God.Paulo Coelho quotes

Physical Challenge:

Gaining weight is one of my biggest personal struggles. Sometimes, I barely have the appetite to eat. So I eat very little. Especially when I am working on a project or something similar. I have had an on and off boot camp where I focus on gaining a few kilos which I do and then lose them very fast.

At one point in time, this affected me mentally and emotionally a lot. I was so afraid of wearing certain things such as swimming costumes or anything short. When people commented on how skinny I was, it would hurt me inside a little. These were the days and times where what people thought about me was very important. I stuffed my body with junk food hoping that I will get fat only to have terrible breakouts as a result. Actually, I was once given an ultimatum to gain weight or get dumped LOL and obviously you know how the story ended.

Spiritual assistance

Drawing close to God, has helped me learn so many things about myself and even appreciate me as I am. I am no longer a slave to fear of what ANYONE thinks of me. I also learned how to listen to my body and treat it gently. If I’m hungry, I will eat a healthy meal and not force feed myself junk just so I can be accepted as sexy. Furthermore, one man’s “you’re too skinny” is another man’s “wow! you’re so sexy”. The problem with us skinny people is that we don’t look good with clothes on. You need to wait until you see the ripped midsection and lifted bubble butt. Otherwise, I am getting a hang of gaining weight and I will not rush the process. It will happen when it happens. 

Biggest Weakness:

I have a huge weakness of being on time. Like I can keep time in the sense of planning and doing my own things but when it comes to being in a meeting on time for instance, I don’t know what happens.

One time I was supposed to be in a meeting at 9:00 a.m. That day I woke up at 5:30 naturally without my alarm and it felt like I had slept enough. Meaning no need to snooze. I did my morning ritual as usual, got dressed and decided to chill. So that I am not too early or too late. Before I knew it, I had only 20 minutes left to be at the meeting.

All of a sudden, the bus was delayed and remember it had to drop people off? I ended up 5 minutes late. Nevertheless, there is room for improvement and strength in owning your flaws. I challenged myself and told two people just to be accountable, that I will start being in meetings on time or a few minutes earlier.

Side note though: The relevance of the meeting is also a determining factor. If there is nothing important happening in the meeting or if its not going to enhance anything, I drag.

So my time keeping, is basically motivated by relevance-am I passionate about it? Etc. Although, there are incidences where I have been late and extremely sorry. Still working on this and I have been improving. In fact, I improved so well, that I got a watch as a gift. When I got it I thought to myself, hmm maybe I should double improve so then I might get the Audemar Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon  as a gift next time. Haha!

Likes and Dislikes:

I get bored very quickly.

Especially with routines that don’t challenge my mind and growth. As well as relationships among people with no substance. I like intrigue, Chutzpah, Depth, Knowledge, a challenge, substance… which is also one of the reasons why I can’t stand small talk. You know these people who start talking and all they can say is “Wow, the sun is hot today..” If you say this to me you will not get a response or a reaction and you will be fooled into thinking I have an attitude? Yes! I HAVE AN ATTITUDE TOWARDS BORING CONVERSATIONS WITH NO SUBSTANCE AND ROUTINES!!

I love cats and dogs.

Actually in the future God willing, I intend to have a Bengal Cat and a Japanese Spitz. I also love wild animals. The way they conduct themselves especially when hunting fascinates me very much. Specifically the eagle, Lion, Shark and killer whales.

I am borderline obsessed with supercars.

My favorite human beings in automotive entrepreneurship are Horacio Pagani and Christian Von Koenigsegg. Argentinian and Swedish respectively. I think they make God look good. My favorite supercars are the Pagani Hueyra followed by the Koenigsegg Regera among others. I don’t care what anybody thinks or does, In Jesus name, One day I will own the Pagani Hueyra. It was designed for me and I will look fantastic in it.

I am a cryer.

When someone tells me something sad, I will start crying with them. I even watch some tv shows such as Outlander and Anne with an E  and sob proper! Even at times when I am extremely happy, instead of jumping around and spanking myself, I cry. Also, I don’t know what praise and worship does to me but I weep like tomorrow never comes. Being an empath, I tend to feel things very deeply maybe that’s why.

I am a hopeless turned hopeful romantic.

I believe in running to the lighthouse to hide and kiss, maybe drink some wine, write our names on padlocks and leave them on a bridge in France, talk about deep stuff around 3:00 a.m WHEN MY BRAIN IS MOST ACTIVE, pray together, travel the world, dance in the rain and really show people God’s intention with relationships. As in I love love and the whole shebang of falling in love.

I don’t kiss ass.

I know myself, what I stand for, my worth and where I am going. This means, there is no time to waste with tomfoolery. For example, some people can just decide to treat you disrespectfully, in the hope that you’ll bow to the nonsense and become some sort of puppet or slave. That, I don’t do. We treat each other with respect and love as an obligation or you step out of my way.

Red wine…

Ahhhhhh!! (AND HERBAL TEA TOO)… Maybe I should grab a glass already. Even Paul in his epistle to Timothy agrees that a glass of wine will do no harm. I love red wine and my favorite is actually Barolo. In fact, I intend to study wine in-depth because it’s among the things that fascinates me. Sometimes, I can just pour wine in a glass and look at it. Very interesting drink and I am thankful that God authorizes me to have wine as long as I don’t abuse it as seen in Psalms 104:15 and Proverbs 3:10. I mean if you think God doesn’t have a sense of chill and have a glass of wine, the joke is on you! Ps: I don’t like ugly wine glasses. I like long stems with wide bowls that narrow up towards the rim. I think drinking wine in an ugly glass is a bit blasphemous and just destroys the whole shebang including the taste of wine.

Good people

I find kind, honest, genuine, loving, supportive and caring people EXTREMELY sexy! Or in short, people with moral integrity, empathy and loyalty…with a bit of attitude, VERY SEXY. There is just something about them that I can’t really place a finger, that makes me gravitate towards them. Sexiest is when they are God-fearing and I’m not talking about the fear of punishment crew but fear out of respect and reverence kind of people.


I am not the one to sugar coat things. My yes means yes and my no means no. I say EXACTLY what I think and how I feel, kindly with respect of course except when Aunty Flow is in town. Aunty Flow has made me fail God severally and I am not happy about that.

Face Challenges

I have a resting b**ch face most of the time which has led to being misunderstood but has also been a blessing. The way my face looks when I’m not smiling, protects me from senseless interactions in as much as I’ve been called unwarranted names too.

The good thing is, by principle, I don’t spend my time explaining myself, trying to fit in or seek validation. If someone looks at my face and thinks I am a **** then that’s an indication of their thinking capacity and their soul’s health which is basically another “not my monkey, not my circus” type of situation.


Think about this… You are born alone, you die alone. All your life, the test is to build your character to match Christ. Which is a process and in the end, you go for judgement to account for every single deed. So why waste it trying to please people, seek their approval and/or validation? I realized, I am only responsible for my actions, what I say, and will account for all of them to only ONE person. That keeps me grounded and has been a game changer. Very liberating albeit scary.


What about you? Do you have at least 3 random facts that you would like to share? Do we have something random in common or am I a random unicorn? Hahaha! Please dominate the comment section because I told you, this is not my site but our site. A site for the misfits, square pegs in round holes, believers, doers, rebels, achievers and honey badgers damn it!! Hola atchya gurrrl!!

Ps: I see you when you pass by and I am grateful. ALWAYS. Sending you warm hugs and my love. See you in my next post.

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Miss Faith.

14 thoughts on “20 Random Facts About Me | Get To Know Me Post


    I guess wants everyone to have an insight about me

    1. I am right hand guy

    2. I can’t stand the sight, smell and taste of drugs.

    3. I love dogs. My love for dogs is so extreme that I exhibit doglike traits like shaking off water from my ‘legs’ when I step out of a bathroom before towelling.

    4. I am athletic and quiet flexible.

    5. I am a workaholic

    6. I rarely cry but when I do, I can go on for days. If someone or something ever got me crying, it means I felt hurt beyond words.

    7. I am very relaxed and comfortable in dark rooms. Bright bulbs and extreme sunlight freaks me out.

    8. I like okro soup as much as I like raw onions.

    9. I am a very light sleeper. I sleep only at night.

    10. Watching movies or series for long periods are my way of escaping issues bothering me. This is certainly hard to explain.

    11. I am allergic to dust. Make me sneeze and cough all day

    12. I am very good at drinking water. Still don’t know why.

    13. Am a free thinker. I listen to people ideas and thoughts

    14. I am still very good at keeping dates and record of my life,things and object

    15.  My favourite food is beans with soft bread like crunchies Or shoprite

    16. I don’t grow fat. I don’t age either. #TeamForeverYoung

    17. I am a very shy person. It gets worse when I am around someone I like.

    18. My favourite colour are white and black

    19. I can’t stand cold food and I eat very slow. Just incase you find me eating a  meal  for 30mins someday, you better not think am weird.

    20. I am a very careful and neat person. My adrenaline supply rate is slow. I don’t rush in to doing thing.

    Thank you.

  2. Wow! Quite an organized and meticulous introverted gentleman!! By the way I like Okra soup too the one cooked Nigerian style!! Followed by Indian. Very unfortunate I just recently eliminated gluten and lactose from my diet so I have no much say on bread. I like dogs too. This was so interesting to read Patrick!! Thank you for taking the time to share about yourself. I wanna know my readers so I appreciate this and really enjoyed reading it

  3. Yeah I love to know your more. You random fact about you are quite complex and simple. How do we get to know each other.

    Thank you! I appreciate your thoughtful comment reply. Am happy you have to reply on it.

    My facts about me are OK and easy to understand.

    Please I love your kind of person. Still I may like to talk and interact more.

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    Editor: PATRICK @patrickrealstories.wordpress.com

    You are welcome

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

  4. The nature of everything I suppose is actually a balance of simple yet complex and I’m happy I to hear I exhibit that. How to get to know me more is by sticking around, subscribing for daily updates by joining The Bee Elle Fam on the side bar via dropping your email address this way we will indeed interact more one post and comments at a time! I will like your Facebook page tomorrow make sure you join us too over there!

    I wish you too peace, love and much more!!!

  5. Thank you! I appreciate your thoughtful response.

    Such an awesome way of replying someone. Thanks. Again
    As always your posts are incredible and I enjoying reading every word down till the last line. I must say that you are probably one of the excellent bloggers on WordPress that write inspired

    Also, I just posted:

    Would love to know your views. Love to see your contributions on it. I’m always excited for your comment. 🙂

    You are welcome

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

  6. Wow again thank you for the compliment. Be careful not to butter me up too much and then it gets in my head haha! Though it will never.

    I will look in to your post and let you know what I think. Meanwhile keep up the good spirit!!

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