Menstruation Matters

Menstruation matters. Period!

Menstruation is something that can be challenging although it is very good. When I say challenging I mean, I have not been the best manager of periods over the years. By that I mean, until later enough, I didn’t quite understand my hormones.

So I succumbed to very interesting challenges in the sense that I didn’t quite understand why I acted the way I did during the red days. Normally I’d like to assume, I’m quite a balance of steel and velvet. Tough on the edges but very tender and sometimes delicate on the insides.

Otherwise during my periods when I hadn’t mastered the system. Boy! Hell hath no fury like me on my period. First of all it felt like I am being “flashed” prematurely. It’s 1000 degrees celsius and anybody can and will get slapped. Often visualising myself choking people (who I like) for tiny mistakes that don’t matter.

Also my moods seemed as though I was abnormal. One minute I could be laughing. The next minute start crying and the other ready for a fight. People that have ever encountered a mean and very abrasive side of me are people that approached me during the wrong season.

Menstruation Matters

Some got very scared they left and never returned. Great! Others figured it out and marked their calendars. These ones will make it to heaven. They knew during this period of time, don’t look at her, don’t talk to her, don’t move and don’t breathe. Unless you’re going to give her chocolates. As in leave the chocolates where she will see them and just leave she’ll get back to you.

Obviously I wasn’t proud of this. I am constantly in the quest to be better for everyone else. I endeavour to have my cup overflow on others. So I embarked on a long journey to find solutions for my hormonal outrage during my periods. I prayed about it too and I said to God, He gave me these hormones so He has to teach me how to handle them, so I don’t go around acting like a hurricane. I also understood why the Bible referred to women on their periods as unclean.

The phrase “unclean” got a lot of bashing throughout the years because people that did not understand the word, found it offensive. I understand where they could be coming from but also I recommend if you don’t understand something ask and get an answer rather than jump to conclusions.

The “uncleanness” had nothing to do with the process of menstruation but the spiritual aspect of it. You can see I am telling you how wicked I can become in a span of four days straight. Blow upon blow, wrath upon wrath sparing none. Like a South African Honey Badger. Do you really think this is a character fit for worship? No human being appreciates somebody that is unusually mean so why should God who is Holy accept that?

Anyway, my road to discovery has been fulfilling and revealing. I came to learn that vitamins and minerals are very important to our health for hormonal balance. Every health issue you can think of stems from the lack of mineral and vitamins balance. So I decided to level up on that and now I can proudly say I am no longer the periodical mean girl that will bite your ears for nothing. I garnered very good tips through trial and error and I wanted to share one with you.

Menstruation Matters To Be Addressed

Menstruation matters

Before I do that, there is a post on The Guardian today and the headline reads… “Clitoris is not a dirty word but society’s fear of it has disastrous consequences”. I have not opened the article to tell you the truth but I want to take this and roll with it. It is true we should stop shying away from talking about delicate issues. The perception of clitoris as dirt and even misconceiving the Bible’s description of menstruation as “unclean”, is one of the contributing factors to a lot of issues we face today.

Every single part of our bodies and the processes they undergo are very important and we should frankly talk about them. We should educate each other on the maintenance thereof and all of us make a deliberate responsibility to actualize the fact that health is a moral duty. Feeling shame on issues such as this or rather demonizing them, is not a good depiction of the state of our being.

In fact word has it that “when you strip naked without being ashamed, and take your garments and put them under your feet like little children and tread upon them, then you will see the child of the living and you will not be afraid”.

The knowledge of “good vs evil”, “clean and dirty”, is what made Adam and Eve to realize they were naked. That’s also how they were kicked out of the garden of Eden. Someday soon I will uncover the meaning behind this for you but like God asked Adam and Eve who told them they were naked, my question is who told you that the mention of genital areas is bad? Who told you that some topics are “taboo” and others are not?

I don’t know if this is a hormonal voice in my head but I’ll vocalize it anyway, let’s stop with the nonsensical double standards shall we?

Governments should aim at creating awareness on menstrual hygiene, provide free sanitary necessities to girls and women, constantly look into sustainable methods of ensuring the women and girls live comfortably with respect and dignity.

In this day and age, we shouldn’t be discussing issues such as girls missing out on education because they’re on their periods and have no access to sanitary hygiene when condoms are available everywhere! Let us set the priorities straight and get our ship together!

Meanwhile, let us all get comfortable with the fact that, strength is weakness. Vulnerability on the other hand, is not just strength but also, true power. If you are experiencing challenges with menstruation, be vocal about it. If you are experiencing what I like to call “a steady flow”, talk about it too and help others. This is not an issue to mince around. In fact it can be a very painful process as well if I recall my past experiences. I’ve had days I can’t get out of bed. This was because I wasn’t knowledgable enough.

Men, involve yourselves deeply with women issues and be responsible for your part. If you’re a dad, educate yourself on menstruation. The ins and outs and be of support to your daughters. Husbands and Fiances learn that women encounter a lot of hormonal challenges. Know your spouse and learn her clock so that you’re more empathizing and supportive during the unpredictable period. Unless you want to sleep in the boot of your car forcefully. You decide.

School education didn’t go beyond the release of an egg monthly and the definition of hormones. Mum taught me what teacher confirmed. As in the information we have is so basic and a cultural conditioning. This is where I say, we should aim at transcending common sense so that we can tap in to deeper trenches of knowledge to become better people for each other. Both men and women, one cannot live without the other. Everyone has to be whole and healthy for us to achieve a common understanding that leads to a planet filled with peace, love, unity, justice, accountability and equity.

Quick Menstruation Tips For A Busy Lady Daisy

There is so much to learn on menstruation and I will share as time goes by if the Lord wills. Thankfully today and has been for a while, I am having a good time with my little situation.

I think first of all, it really helps to be grateful during your menstrual matters. I say this because, I have done this and you probably have, when the red day is here and you mumble in disappointment.

That attitude in itself, is a contributing factor to your experience. The brain doesn’t care how you will feel, it cares how you think.

From today, when you receive your Red download, give thanks and say Lord I thank you that I have received my menses. I Bless you for keeping me healthy. Please help me to handle this process without any challenges so I will not fall short of your glory. Give me wisdom on what I need to do today so that I won’t face any hindrances. Help others out there who have struggles finding solutions with this situation. As I am well, let them be well too. Thank you and Amen.

That little action, makes life so much easier.

Then, be kind to yourself. Make conscious decisions to ensure you’re taking at least Cod Liver Oil or Omega 3. Primrose oil and perhaps a multivitamin if you feel your diet hasn’t covered all the necessary nutrition (a lot of which doesn’t). Eat Iron rich foods during this period of time and consume a lot of fruits.

Have your hot water bottle to relax your muscles. Enjoy the process of self pampering. In the morning and evening treat yourself to an aromatic bath with minty herbal soaps. I find it so appealingly refreshing when steam mixes with a Eucalyptus, Lavender, Sage or any minty scent.

Today, among many other things I do, I made myself a cup of herbal tea treatment. Then I had the tea with figs, apricots and dates (rich in iron). My herbs entailed; Dried Hibiscus Flower, Jasmine, Rose Petals and Butterfly Pea flower. I sweetened it with Jaggery. I’ll go through the benefits of each so that you are inspired to try them. This remedy works great for me and I hope it works for you as well.

Menstruation Matters

When it comes to tea, I like taking advice from the Japanese. There is no other people I know on this earth that take their tea as seriously as the Japanese do. They say that when it comes to tea leaves and flowers, they shouldn’t be brewed for more than 3 minutes. Root tea, not more than 7 minutes. Plus they say don’t boil your tea. Steep it to reap the benefits.

When they speak, I listen because they hold very enviable records of health and longevity. They’re prevalently centenarians and that gets my attention. You also know how porcelain smooth their skin is. I actually find them mysterious in many ways and a good way. Intriguing too.

Anyway, I steeped my tea for 3 minutes.

Menstruation Matters

Then the dried fruits to go with it. This ones my soul loves! We know that during menstruation you crave sweet things. I say forego the candy which doesn’t benefit you in anyway. Opt for dry fruits such as these among many others you may fancy. Dark chocolate too which is absolutely healthy and good for your brain function. Especially in times such as this when insanity is a possibility.

Always be thinking optimal health and nutritional value rather than self gratification. I said we eat to live, not live to eat and in the words of hippocrates let food be thine medicine and medicine thine food.

Health benefits of jasmine Tea

  1. Improves mental Clarity and Focus
  2. Natural Anti-Anxiety
  3. Improves digestion because it fights bad bacteria
  4. Stops menstrual pain and aids with PCOS
  5. Protects cardiovascular health
  6. Prevents breast and lung cancer
  7. Relieves Gastrointestinal disorders
  8. Heals skin conditions such as acne and eczema
  9. Relieves Stress Disorder
  10. Improves Quality of Sleep
  11. Helps to lower cholesterol levels and reduces high blood pressure
  12. Reduces the risk of heart attacks
  13. Strengthen Immune System
  14. Reduces Chronic inflammation and helps cure arthritis and joint pain
  15. Helps to prevent and treat diabetes

Health Benefits of Butterfly Pea Flower

Menstrual Matters

As you can see in the design of the flower, It does look like the female organ. Yes? Just like many other foods look like body organs. Walnuts look like the brain for instance and have been scientifically proven to be healthy for the brain. Butter nut squash depending on your angle looks like female breasts as well as male organs combined. Carrots when cut they resemble the Iris and pupil. I told you nature is silent yet majestically eloquent. You just need to be present, look and you will see the world was created fearfully and wonderfully.

The flower is actually scientifically identified as Clitoria Ternatea. Back to the health benefits…

  1. Highly Anti inflammatory
  2. Has been successfully used to treat vision disorders
  3. Treats menstrual disorders and cures pain (In fact I highly recommend this to people that struggle with fibroids).
  4. Helps treat women’s sexual disorders
  5. Highly boosts brain function and has been known for improving memory (great for alzheimers and dimentia)
  6. Relieves stress disorder
  7. Treats bronchitis and Asthma
  8. Excellent blood purifier hence enhancing liver functions
  9. Perfect for detoxification
  10. Rich in antioxidants
  11. Lowers high blood pressure
  12. Treats depression and anxiety
  13. Kills bad bacteria further improving your digestive system
  14. Anti cancer and anti-tumor
  15. Helps treat diabetes

Health Benefits of Hibiscus Flower

Menstruation Matters
  1. Cures menstrual pain
  2. Protects the liver against infections and diseases
  3. Good for hair growth as a tea rinse
  4. Combats depression and anxiety due to its calming effect
  5. Relieves stress disorder
  6. Lowers cholesterol
  7. Regulates blood pressure (and perfect cure for High Blood Pressure)
  8. Aids in digestion
  9. Helps to prevent flu and cold
  10. Can be used as a sport drink to prevent frequent thirst
  11. Slows down the growth of cancerous cells by inducing apoptosis
  12. Improves sleep quality
  13. Supports the immune system
  14. Cures acne and eczema
  15. Rich in vitamin C which is great for immune support

Health Benefits of Rose Petals

Menstruation Matters
  1. Cures menstrual pain
  2. Rich in vitamin A and E which are perfect for the skin
  3. Cures Acne and Eczema
  4. Improves the digestive system
  5. Relieves stress disorders
  6. Treats depression and anxiety
  7. Cures urinary tract infections
  8. Boosts the immune system
  9. Treats arthritis and joint pain
  10. Treats scalp problems like dandruff
  11. Aids in weight loss
  12. When consumed by pregnant women, the vitamin C enhances collagen production for both the baby and mother
  13. Prevents cancer
  14. Alleviates mood swings
  15. Natural aphrodisiac

Health benefits of Jaggery/Gur

Menstrual Cramps

I discovered jaggery from scriptural inspiration through the mentioning of “Sweetcane”. I got intrigued because I know things are not as they seem so I sought it out for deeper understanding. A few steps down the rabbit hole, I saw how healthy sweetcane was and discovered the process of making jaggery together with its health benefits. It’s made from sweetcane/sugarcane juice. Already, I was familiar with this but you see truly, familiarity breeds contempt. I had no idea I was overlooking the Ferrari of sugar!

Otherwise, my very first encounter with jaggery proceeded with several others, was when I was young somewhere in a ghetto. We called it “skari nguru” at the time. You buy just a chunk about a handful for around 5Shs (Kenyan currency) then eat it like you would a snack. To buy “skari nguru” around our peers back then, was like buying something so special haha! So, I ate it because it was a thing.

I had no idea how healthy it is. Few years down the line, it’s back in my life, here to stay. It reminds me that we can really miss out on God’s kindness when we are ignorant or not paying attention. Here are the incredible benefits…

  1. Heals menstrual cramp
  2. Exceedingly rich in iron content further preventing Anemia
  3. Literally cleanses your body
  4. Excellent treatment for headaches and migraines
  5. Perfect treatment for Asthma and bronchitis as well as sinuses because it cleans the respiratory tract
  6. Gives an energy boost
  7. Helps with weight loss
  8. Very excellent skin healer of issues such as psoriasis, eczema and acne
  9. Heals jaundice
  10. Reduces constipation and perfect for aiding digestion
  11. Improves visual issues
  12. Great at producing digestive enzymes that’s why some people including myself have a piece right after dinner. Making it good dessert
  13. Prevents joint pain and alleviates Arthritis
  14. Natural sweetener and great alternative of sugar which is harmful for your health and wellbeing
  15. Has a warming effect on the body thus keeps you warm in cold seasons (no need for Russian vodka)

You must endeavour to have this in your kitchen. It’s excellent from my experience.


Isn’t it incredible how nature is so beautiful and how helpful it is. It’s so unfortunate what has become of the planet. I wish people took much more care of it and understood that without plants we can’t have life.

We often run to the doctors when we have a small problem underestimating the beautiful solutions around us. You can find somebody sitting under a Moringa Tree complaining about health and planning to see a doctor, when the Moringa tree has more than 300 solutions to health problems.

Genesis 1:29 says “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seeds that is on the surface of the entire earth, and every tree yielding seed. It shall be food for you”.

Don’t look down on the plants. Treat them well, with love and a compassionate heart because they do us good without number. Whenever you can, plant a tree for the next generation. The huge trees we sit under today, were planted decades ago by people who were conscious and responsible enough to think of the next generation.

Also let’s never take God’s love and kindness for granted. Appreciate nature and embrace natural approaches to health. I don’t see the point of travelling a million miles to get a chemical based treatment only to leave the earth, when you can just walk in a green store and solve your problem in your kitchen.

“Pride of life” doesn’t seem to be giving very good returns given the state of our planet. So isn’t it the right time to adjust our decision processes?

Otherwise I have been using these four flowers during my menstrual period and I have been myself. Can barely feel any menstrual cramps and my soul is at rest. So try it and if it doesn’t work for you, don’t worry there are a million other solutions that can.

Have a happy menstruation process ladies. Whatever that day is. Remember to be grateful that your reproductive system is working fine. Be kind to yourself. Educate yourself on hormone knowledge. Find your center and enjoy your womanhood.

Men, be involved because anyway you’re the ones usually in the receiving end no? The way you all can be so clueless sometimes like little boys. Instead of being clueless participate and be a part of support and solutions. If you’re not a dad yet learn from your wife so that one day you can be a good dad to your girl. A dad who just doesn’t buy the sanitary deals but also goes an extra mile to give incredible solutions that can be passed on to generations. That would be cool wouldn’t it?

This issue is not about gender. It’s an issue that involves all of us and we all should participate. Had I not taken active solutions towards my problems just how many people would I desire to slap, blast for nothing and visualize choking on a monthly basis?

Imagine a female on her periods as the president of America and there is a country threatening to go to war? When I put myself in that shoe…… not a good picture so I won’t even describe it.

I am personally grateful when I can learn things that help me become a better person. Also extremely happy to share it with someone that needs it. We will discuss more on menstruation-periods with time. For now, get you some tea, rest and be at peace. By the way, if you don’t have these flowers, try this wonder instead. It works equally well too.