Oh hey lovelies!!

Welcome to our blog! I am glad we found each other or rather, you found me. Whether it was via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you know what, it doesn’t matter. You are here and I am happy and grateful. I pray that you will always feel at home.

If you must know, this blog, was birthed three days before my birthday I think. Wait. Let me check. No. Four days before my birthday. On the 20th of August 2018 around six in the evening.

You see, I love writing my thoughts and I had gotten to a stage where I felt like there was fire in my belly to express myself about certain things. At the rate with which this was going, my journal was not good enough and in fact was already full.

Sometimes, true story by the way, I could not sleep and some thoughts were so vicious and would bother me throughout the day. No matter how hard I would avoid them or even meditate LOL.
Like seriously, no amount of ‘ommm’ and deep breaths would help!! I could even dream of my thoughts in my sleep. So I said you know what!? I need a platform otherwise I will go nuts!! Really.
With a nice and very much needed kick in the butt, here we are… conceived four years ago, bothered me all throughout and manifested late this year. Finally, I have a place to share with you my thoughts on all dimensions of lifestyle.
Before I continue, you should know that, I intend to have you enjoy this place, be 100% honest (that means it will not always be comfortable) and I will be delighted to get to know each one of you and what you think of everything you encounter around here.

If you love truth, this is the best place to be at.

Please, feel free to share what you like and think others would like and comment. Basically, mi casa es su casa!! Period.

 So anyway. Let’s continue with the intro… I hope you are not expecting the cliché of me talking about myself for hours? because this space is not enough to start talking about myself anyway. Hihi..

Nevertheless, my name is Faith. Born and raised in Kenya. The author and owner of this blog. All thoughts, are freshly from this big, fearfully and wonderfully made, head of mine.

Like I said, I have always loved writing my thoughts and I am the kind of girl to stay up late journaling what’s on my mind. So I thought, why not start sharing my thoughts? and the question was, how will it serve others rather than myself? Or how will it serve you while indirectly serving me because I know that, if I choose, to start saying how I think life should be, I should be an example. Walk the talk. A hobby with a win win situation sort of.

I am very passionate about living a holistic, healthy, positive, happy, and productive life.

I also love Jesus, a good glass of wine/a hot cup of tea, beauty, style, cooking, fitness, discussing complex topics, watching romantic movies and good looking aspects of life. All of which I will be sharing with you.

Moreover, there are issues, that I empathize with or feel the need to do something about. Not because I know everything or have life figured out but you never know what would happen if you contributed positively towards the greater good of society.

For instance, I feel so strongly for people struggling with mental illness. I also want you to come here and have a confidence boost, love yourself more, appreciate your journey, laugh a little, get blasted for free with love of course, look good, be fierce and be at your best no matter what life throws at you.

I want to show you how to make chocolate cake with the lemons life throws at you because lemonade is overrated Haha!
I feel so strongly too, for the people that are facing a challenge and don’t have somebody to be on their side or don’t know how to approach the situation. So, if I have experienced something and I managed the situation just fine, I might just as well use that experience to encourage somebody in need.
I don’t think life is totally about caring for your own personal needs. Actually on the contrary as a Christian, I believe we live to be there for people who need a helping hand while God takes care of our personal needs.
Which leads me to mentioning further, I feel like God has been misrepresented today by particularly self-righteous people, who think they qualify to state who will be going to heaven while others go to hell and it bothers me because, this creates resentment from people who have the slightest knowledge about God further leaving them with more questions than answers and a starved soul.
So from time to time, we will also have some hot topics about God, Faith and spirituality in general. I think we are more than the outward aspect of life if you see what I mean.
Many problems in the world today are caused by the inability to have the mind, body and soul simultaneously aligned. This could be because of lack of life balance, ignorance, fear or chasing shadows! By this I mean being so busy “climbing the ladder of success” while forfeiting other important aspects of being human.
Most of the time we climb up a ladder so fast, without caring about ourselves inwardly along the way only to find that we climbed up the wrong building.
Then, those that are busy living intentionally, taking full charge of the wellness of their mind, body and soul, have to be the victims of another imbalanced human being.
So yes, we will focus on human alignment and living intentionally. All our heads together, one thought at a time.
Otherwise, I don’t believe in limitation. As long as the heart is right, intentions are pure and God comes first, we will see where this will go. For now, one solution, inspiration, lessons, fun times, reviews and what have you, at a time.
I always say, when you go right you can’t go wrong. Even if you fail, you will fail forward. Grow, develop, realize your dreams, passions and aspirations while impacting the world positively to your best capability.
There is also room for all of us to know, be and do best. So, it might as well be wise to be on the empowerment side of life. Unbiasedly.

Otherwise, I hope by now, you have an idea what this blog will be about? At least roughly. It is a lifestyle blog. I also want to emphasise that, it is not mine but ours.

I would love to connect with genuine engaging people. I welcome thoughts, ideas, constructive criticism and I am open to collaborations among other blogging opportunities.

Remember too, the distance between you and I will always be one message or comment away.

Now that you know the basics, stay in touch. Unpack and relax.
Also, stay up to date by subscribing to daily posts. You can do it either by allowing notifications in your Chrome or Firefox browser or going old school and drop your email in the subscription box on the side bar. Whichever suits you best. This way you will know what is happening here, get freebies (upcoming), know the latest developments (exclusive only to subscribers) and be a part of coming soon give aways too.
Other than that, thank you very much in advance for being a part of The Bee Elle. You know what I think by the way and please don’t tell anyone?

If we can all come together, put our self inflicted/constructed differences aside, with pure love, a genuine heart and support each other, think, learn and grow, you will be surprised at what we could actually achieve.

Without further ado, I’ll see you around. Don’t hesitate to make requests and speak your thoughts. You cough, I sneeze. With love, patience and tolerance or let me be quite frank: Terms and conditions apply!!

Miss Faith.

If need arises, you can reach me here. Please be sensible, constructive and have some etiquette while at it, because when provoked, I actually bite, if you must know *wink*