Matcha Tea|Is it worth it?

Matcha Tea


Matcha Tea, is it really worth it? Let’s chacha right in to the Matcha toucha… all began one beautiful Saturday morning.

A morning where we, me and my fellow victim, decided to visit our Moroccan spice dealer. He sells us the good stuff from Morocco and when I say good my brothers and sisters, I mean GOOOOOOOD!! I’m talking spice, tea and everything nice and you see, your girl here is the curious type. Given that I have loads of green tea in the cabinet which I devour religiously, I wanted to try something new. So I get the sister to green tea i.e Matcha tea.

Short Story About Matcha

Basically, Matcha is stone ground green tea, okay?! Several weeks before harvest, the green tea leaves are shaded to slow down their growth. Now, I like something with a story behind it. Anyway, when the growth is slowed down, the plant is stimulated to produce higher chlorophyll levels as well as the production of L-Theanine (an amino acid. Works the brain right. Thank me later!). Once its harvested, the leaves are then ground into fine powder.

Matcha Tea

Now back to my Moroccan guy, you don’t get to be my guy just anyhow. You will be thoroughly vetted. First of all, if my BS meter beeps even once, I don’t care who you are or what you have to say.

Second of all, if you are selling just to make bank with no sense of purpose or substance, you need to know, it’s only the kardashians that are allowed to do this.

Third, you need to charm me in case I am on my periods. Sometimes, I am not even paying for the product, I am paying for your beautiful smile and whatever.

So this guy qualifies above and beyond. When we arrive at his store we are usually welcomed with a cup of exotic tea-which he explains with a French-ish accent. Ladies and gentlemen, the guy is a great business man alright!

So we sip the tea and start shopping. All his products have a story. More importantly are authentic. Long story short, our Matcha purchase was straight from Japan with Japanese instructions. I had already investigated the product thanks to my hidden F.B.I skills.

I knew the fake one is as dark as Spirulina (story for another day) and the original one is as light green as wheat grass (also story for another day). Given the paranoia towards sales people, I was eager to catch him in a lie.. *giggles* but like I said the guy is prospering. It was the real deal. Smells like pounded fresh grass and everything in between.

Matcha Considerations

First and foremost you need to have the tools for preparing Matcha. As you can see above.. there is some art to it. This is not the easy-peasy drop me in hot water stuff. The thing on the upper far left that looks like a head massager is actually a bamboo whisk. Obviously for whisking *rollseyes*. Then there is a porcelain bowl that you use to whisk the powder and drink from.

Real time Kyoto experience in your own house. Usually works best if you give yourself a Japanese nickname. Mine is Akihiko! Right beside the bowl is the measuring wood stick that is also made from bamboo.

Last but not least the container for preservation. If you must know, mine is preserved in a glass jar until I find the perfect original stuff. Told you guys I am picky yes? Great!

Matcha Tea

My first time experience with Matcha tea was AHH-MAZE-ING. I did it like a thug. Took my teaspoon, about a quarter of it, in to a bowl, got the fork, warmed water, whisked it and chug chug chug, down it went in to my fearfully and wonderfully made body system. I had some calm music playing in the background, remember my tea time name is akihiko.. so I just laid back anticipating the experience.

I think that was the first time I experienced a trance. The calming was so surreal. I even rushed to the bathroom to see if I have further developments such as the beautiful and flawless Japanese glass skin.

There was nothing but the calm is something worth experiencing. My memory also sharpened. All of a sudden I could remember the kid in kindergarten that chewed my crayons only that i was sending peace and positive vibes to the kid. Its like you get this beautiful mood. Let’s call it an awakening if not a trance. No?

Given that blissful experience, of course next time, you anticipate something next level? Humans for you? So AGAIN, I followed the same procedure but this time I went for a FULL teaspoon. First thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. The first 20 minutes were like the aforementioned.

Following after, an unforgettable tale to tell. The headache I got! The nausea! The running trips to the bathroom-quite frankly to diarrhea- and made me lose some weight in a matter of hours-considering the fact that, I am on a weight gain journey!

Just use your imagination.. The fatigue! Folks? How could i forget “Everything in moderation, even moderation”? Lo! and behold, I “took the L”. No hard feelings and got a hang of it. Anyway….

Dos and Don’ts

Matcha Tea
Matcha Tea whisking process


  • Do consume it TWO HOURS after and before a meal. So lets say you had your breakfast at 6:00 a.m, you take your Matcha at 8:00 a.m or after.
  • Since you shouldn’t consume it more than AT LEAST twice due to caffeine, I recommend it later in the morning and lets say.. two hours before your midday snack, you could whip up another one!
  • Do purchase Matcha tea ONLY from Japan in my honest opinion. They have the best and they make it with a lot of passion because its a product that is esteemed highly in their culture. That’s probably why they glow and look enviably snatched! Me thinks.
  • Do your research to determine the right dosage because if you’ll have yours straight from Japan, based on my experience, it will come with Japanese instructions. If you understand the language, big up yourself!
  • Otherwise, educate yourself about what you’re abut to put in your body. Nothing wrong with preserving your dignity. My recommendation is about 230ml for every 1gram-i.e half a teaspoon.
  • Whisk the matcha with roughly 30ml of cold water then gradually add 200ml of piping hot water to the mixture and enjoy!
  • DON’T take it on an empty stomach. Wisdom is learning from others’ mistakes. I just gave you a scenario of Matcha gone wrong so take heed. Moreover, don’t over do it or consume it in the evening.
  • This is because of caffeine which may destruct your sleeping pattern later on. (I think this is actually the most important thing to consider should you give it a try).
  • Don’t take it with food because it will hinder proper digestion and absorption of food nutrients. It also messes up your iron levels!
  • That’s why I got nausea in the first place. So keep in mind 2hrs before and after a meal. The same applies with the normal premium green tea (Just hinting to you that premium green tea is the real deal. thank me later). I think that’s it.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

    1. Fights cancer like a Lion fights the prey! I say God is in the details folks. According to medical research, It reportedly has 137 times more cancer fighting EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) than brewed green tea. Yay! and Wow!
    2. Anti Aging. Have you ever been introduced to a Japanese female called Fukumi, 46 years old that looks like 25 and going nowhere? I just can’t. It’s because of the good stuff in their country. Matcha green tea is gaining popularity faster than bitcoin because of its ability to combat inflammation, oxidation and the most avoided thing in hollywood-AGING.
    3. Energy booster. Be intimidated no more by the Duracell energy bunny because Matcha green tea is excellent and the best substitute for coffee and the so called “energy drinks” that make your heart sound like an  African drum! It provides the best energy without a hangover so to speak.
    4. Mind improvement and Focus. If you don’t remember Barrack Obama’s eye color my friend and you struggle with all kinds of anxiety, this one is for you. Matcha being rich in L-Theanine which is considered a rare amino acid, will help you have a state of relaxation and well being by acting upon the brain’s functioning. Nothing like a human that has all the hormones balanced.
    5. Weight management. It perfectly enhances your thermogenesis my learned friends and this will mean the enhancement of your resting metabolic rate which will mercilessly torch the fat. That’s why I limit taking it because while most people want to lose weight, I struggle with gaining.
    6. Regulates your cholesterol. The EGCG in Matcha will assist you with balancing cholesterol in your blood lipids and slow down the oxidation of bad cholestorol.
    7. Enhance Immune system. Matcha tea also has strong antibiotic properties that will prosper your immune system. It also has a number of essential vitamins ladies and gentlemen including Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Protein and Vitamin A and C.
    8. Skin care. Ladies… including the ones at the back, come and listen closely. This is a jackpot if you want to glow from within. Personally, I have been using it topically as a mask and I am head over heels obsessed with it. I usually do matcha, some lavender and olive oil, lemon juice with some honey and I let it do the magic. Otherwise, Matcha naturally protects against skin blemishes, prevents against and repairs UV sun damage. Reduces scarring, acne and redness. What more could any woman ask for?
    9. Detoxifier. Given its high content of Chlorophyll-a natural detoxifier, this is what you need if you want to flush out heavy metals among other toxins from your body.
    10. Overcome Depression and Anxiety. The polyphenols in Matcha tea will cure you from the brain fog and make you come alive again from the inside out. You will also feel tremendously great. The feeling has been compared best to how you feel when you have a glass of good red wine or several bars of chocolate.
    11. Additional information found here:Organic Facts

    So to conclude, get you some matcha powder and treat yourself with kindness like you deserve it because actually you do? Health and Vitality is such a precious gift from God and something we should maintain carefully, strategically and enthusiastically.

  1. You can never understand it’s importance until you fall sick. I personally think, prevention is better than cure. Be mindful of your health and treat it like it’s precious. Acknowledge that you are a temple and somebody greater than you lives inside of you.

  2. Make the temple beautiful, cosy and worthy of indwelling greatness. In fact, as soon as I put a full-stop on this post guess what your girl is going to do? She’s going to get on Akihiko mode and take herself straight to Kyoto in Japan, through a beautiful cup of Matcha tea.

  3. No, you’re not welcome, thank you very much! I kid.

  4. I get very excited just thinking about matcha tea and I appreciate you stopping by.

  5. Let’s catch up later in my next post?

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