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Category: Spirituality & Faith

Faith, is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen. This means that, that which you hope for, must be seen (in your mind and heart) as already manifest, before you can have it.

Sometimes, life can throw curve balls at you, further making the vision of that which you hope for a little bit blurry. In these situations, you need a word of encouragement to hang on before you call it quits. I mean, we all need a reminder from time to time, to walk by Faith, not by sight.

Side note by the way *whisper* my name is Faith! Hihi! Best gift my parents ever gave me I think because if there is one thing I can do best, is dig in my heels, square my shoulders and lift my head high in Faith. I am the type to burn the boat and the floaters because I know and have experienced the one who walks on water!! True story by the way.

Faith also, is like a muscle. The more you spend time flexing your muscle, the stronger your muscle becomes. The principle of Faith is that it increases by hearing the word of God and when it grows stronger, it is your currency in the kingdom of God.

Just like your bank card, swipe it and add to cart. Whatever it could be that you’re trusting God to provide. Spoiler alert, he exceeds requests, never fails and even when He is late He is still on time.

This category will aim at encouraging and inspiring you to keep walking in Faith and hang on Grace, through Faith.