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“Red Flags” to look out for in “church”-Part 1


“Red Flags” to look out for in “church”-Part 1
Red Flags

Red flags to look out for when you are looking for the RIGHT and True Church to attend. Though I think you should focus more on being the church than going to church to play church.

Jesus Christ is looking for people who are willing to BE first. After KNOWING. So that through the people, HE can DO.

In my previous article, I have shown you what will be the source of your problem, the moment you will decide to take a different route.

This far, if you’re following, we have laid the foundation so that we can have tangible results from God’s promises. Where you see the word become flesh rather than just merely confessing scriptures.

We have understood (I hope) the process of deliverance and what our role is while God delivers us. I have shown you that you don’t need a deliverance service per se but Jesus Christ to be truly delivered.

I have stated and I will do it over and over again, a lot of those deliverance services and “churches” are demonic. That’s why you see scandals every now and then.

I’m sure you have heard of the stampede that recently took place in Tanzania? The people were reportedly scrambling for probably cooking oil packaged as ‘Holy Oil’.

You know that Africa and America especially, is plagued with demons masqueraded as “angels of light”.

Not too long ago there was a Ugandan “pastor” who poisoned up to 50,000 members of a congregation with a “miracle cure”. He reportedly asked his members to drink bleach to cure “everything”.

Plus just have a look at this?

Red Flags

I can go on and on but here is the thing: I have not much interest with the thief who comes to rob the house. My concern is the security system of the house.

I believe if we ask the right questions, we will find the right answers. If we ask stupid questions we will continue to receive foolish answers.

The question here is, what is it about the people that they keep getting plundered? The obvious answer is lack of knowledge that leads to doubt, fear and desperation that further leads to disobedience.

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected my knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children”.


I will explain four very interesting characters in the Word. That is the spirit of Jezebel and Ahab. Balaam and Balak.

These characters, can not only be found in the “church” but also they can be in the family by extension, among your friends, in your work place and can even penetrate the governments and administrative institutions.


Red Flags

They are the oppressive “leaders” that burden people with man made rules and regulations in the name of worship. They don’t allow people to think or contribute in the “church” and they are extremely intolerant too. That’s why they cluster themselves in cliques like that. Thinking they are ‘holy’ and everyone else is going to hell.

Their “leaders” tend to be called names such as “mum” and “dad”. They also claim that you have to be under their “covering” or your life will be unsafe. So they are deemed as “spiritual fathers” when Jesus Christ said we have only one Father in Heaven and did not allow people to call Him good to say the the least.

If you don’t do what they want even when it’s clearly wrong, you get outcast. They also curse you when you leave them and take it very personally when you don’t attend their “services”.

Members of such “churches” have been reported to suddenly divorce their spouses and abandon their families. Some are even prevented from communicating with others.

Worse off people sell all they have to give their “leader” instead of sharing among each other to help those in need. That’s why such “leaders” tend to be very rich while the members don’t know where they will get their next meal.


Red Flags

In the family they are what you commonly refer to as “toxic family members”. In that, there is that one person who looks down on everybody else. Likes to control people and their decisions. Never respects personal space. You feel sad and drained around them. Constantly you have to almost walk around egg shells around them because nothing is right in their eyes.

They tend to dull everything when they are around and are excellent at causing strife. Everything has to be about them and if it’s not then you get in trouble. Your concerns will never matter but theirs must matter by hook or crook. If not, you will hear threats.

They tend to have ill wishes most of the time and look down on your goals and plans. They can also be highly manipulative and abusive. Some also physically. That’s why you hear cases of parents raping their children, physically abusing them, verbally and mentally abusing them, overly critical. Also you hear of sibling rivalry and there is always that one aunty or uncle.


Red Flags

Among your friends they are like a news channel. They know about everyone but themselves.

They seem to change when something good happens to you. They always find a mistake to point out. Will laugh with you at your face but say detestable things behind your back.

They can be draining and demand attention all the time. Also they can treat you almost like a trash can. Where they come to you and pour out so much negativity that by the time you leave them its like you’ve even lost weight.

I personally can’t stand people that don’t respect personal space because there are times I want to be left alone by EVERYBODY. Even a twin if I had one. Nothing personal.

So I cannot afford people that want to be on the phone all the time, meet all the time and see each other all the time. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t work for me.

I constantly need my ‘girl cave’, to be quiet and alone for some time. However long it will take and I know when its time to leave my cave and be social again for a short while.

Also I am terrible with small talk. Actually to be honest I hate it and navigate more towards deeper discussions that challenge my thinking.

So when you are around the wrong people, they will not understand this but take it very personal. They don’t respect personal space and if you don’t see them for a few days the friendship changes. Compared to people you will not see for a long time but when you meet it’s like nothing has changed.

Also, they’re untrustworthy, unreliable and will show signs of not having best interests at heart. You also somehow feel uncomfortable when you are around them. They give terrible advice and come across as poor decision makers. Their suggestions can often lead you to be stressed or make a bad decision.

When you share something with them, they can use it against you. You call it “low blows” or “hitting below the belt”.


Red Flags

In your work place, it’s the oppressive colleague or boss who will pick on you every chance they get. They will get angry when you ask important questions especially when it involves transparency issues.

You must always agree with everything they say or want even if it’s wrong. There will also seem to be unhealthy cliques that are unwelcoming and intolerant. All their decisions don’t cater to the greater good but to a chosen few. Almost like lack of equality.

It can be bad to the extent of being accused falsely. Also you realize your renumeration and hard work will not match. There are no recognitions or if you happen to do well the credibility will be looked down on.

You feel uncomfortable each day going to work and you don’t enjoy being there. You have constant burnouts and sleepless nights because of the unfair experience at work.

In these work places, there are tendencies of workers being pressured to be perfect when the leadership itself is questionable. In meetings you can be embarrassed publicly for unintended common mistakes and also there is always some sort of tension in those meetings. Plus no off days.


Red Flags

This is the spouse that will find fault in everything you do, never takes responsibility for their actions, can be either physically, verbally, mentally and emotionally abusive, you feel single in the relationship, they cannot be trusted and they have a tendency to pit you against your family members.

This is what Jezebel does especially. Inciting her husband against her targets. Inspiring the husband to do what is evil.

Jezebel is usually likely to be the “toxic feminist” when she’s done destroying Ahab.

Ahab as a spouse will be a typical macho man and is a by product of Jezebel. Tends to compete against others in worse case scenarios even against children, involved with petty jealousies, can beat you up, cheat on you, is greedy, proud, highly sensual and is never at home. If he is at home there will be some sort of drama.


As leaders in administrative and government positions, they pit people against each other. They like to sell justice. You have to bribe to be served right.

They corrupt peace while pretending to initiate peace. Are highly divisive, good at creating fear, tend to bring confusion everywhere they go, rather than establish a common understanding and they cling to power only to abuse it.

They also are artists of deception and when they speak, they don’t talk about solutions but instead accuse people or criticize.

Their aim to be in power is usually not for the interests of people but their own and those of their friends. At the expense of others.

When in power, there is no justice for the poor and needy. People live in lack most of the time and their concerns go unheard. In private lives they misbehave.

They are likely to pass oppressive policies and laws that can make a group of people suffer as long as they are in power. They thrive on conflicts and proxy wars. With them, there tends to be a lot of bloodshed and abrupt deaths.


Red Flag

With this in mind, know that most difficulties that you will face, come from conflict with people from either one of these categories.

This is not because these people are bad per se. No.

Human beings are beautiful and amazing people but when they get involved with wickedness, their spirits become corrupted, their minds depraved as a result and they start destroying people and everything they find on their way.

You have to be alert and sober to ensure that their actions do not change your course of trusting God and keeping His commandments.

This is because when you react to these people, you easily fall out from God’s will. Their mistreatment can easily turn your heart cold and your job is to keep watch that you continue in your Faith with a heart of Love.

What I have come to learn is, the intention of the enemy is to have you stand accused, so that he can destroy you. he as a spirit of wickedness, can put anybody against you, as a trap. So that when you react the way the enemy expects, you can loose your ground and become plunder.


Saul said to David “Here is my oldest daughter, Merab. I will give her to you in marriage. Only be valiant for me and fight the LORD’s battles.”

Saul was thinking, “I need not raise my hand against him; let the hand of the Philistines be against him”.

Now Saul’s daughter Michal loved David, and when this was reported to Saul, it pleased him. “I will give her to David,” Saul thought, “so that she may be a snare to him, and the hand of the Philistines may be against him.”

When Saul’s servants relayed these words to David, he replied, “Does it seem trivial in your sight to be the son-in-law of the king? I am a poor man and lightly esteemed.”

The servants told Saul what David had said. Saul replied, “Say to David, ‘The king desires no other dowry but a hundred Philistine foreskins as revenge on his enemies.’”

But Saul intended to cause David’s death at the hands of the Philistines.

David and his men went out and killed two hundred Philistines.

He brought their foreskins and presented them as payment in full to become the king’s son-in-law. Then Saul gave his daughter Michal to David in marriage.

Saul pretended to have a righteous cause just like evil people pretend to mean well but wanted to have David killed.

He set a trap against him by asking him to go and get 100 foreskins from the Philistines because he was expecting him not to do so but die.

Instead, David came back with 200 and did it out of love in his heart for Michal.

Now remember what Jesus told us? “if someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two”.

You will encounter people that will bring hard to bear offences to your life and put you in difficult circumstances. Their intention is for sabotage but God will use the situation to work for your good.

Sadducees and Pharisees trying to trick Jesus. You know of the many questions these religious folks tried to ask the Lord. They did not question Him because they wanted to understand truth but instead they wanted to trap Him.

Their expectation always, was for Him to say the wrong thing so that they would crucify Him. Fortunately, Jesus Christ was aware of their thoughts before they even spoke and squared them up good.

It will be the same for you. As long as you are surrounded by the wrong people, filled with a wicked spirit, everything you do and say, can and will be held against you at the literal High Court of Judgment.

David wrote in the Psalms “I am for peace; but when I speak, they are for war”.

Also God is aware about this and as means of protection, for those who Love Him and Keep His commandments, He will Isolate you from “mischief and wickedness under the tongue“.

He says “you will be hidden from the scourge of the tongue and need not fear when destruction comes”. This is also what He tried to do for the prophet Samuel when you read “the Lord was with him, and He let none of Samuel’s words fall to the ground”.

So don’t worry much about how you are going to survive but instead focus on having Faith and walking in obedience. Not being ignorant to the ways of wickedness either.

God created us all and is in all of us and He knows our intentions before we act. When you will need help in the course of righteousness, He will provide it for you before you even ask.

When He knows someone or something will be dangerous to you or for you, He will issue a warning directly to you so that you advance your whereabouts. You need only to “Be still and see the salvation”.

When they see that they cannot get you to do something wrong, they are now going to advance their tactics of attack in an attempt to kill you. Through means of betrayal or lies and sometimes both.

Remember when we talk about killing here we are talking about spiritual matters. Please get this one straight.

“Churches” are spiritually killing the flock. Spouses are spiritually killing their partners. Employers are spiritually killing their workers. Friends are spiritually killing their counterparts. Families are spiritually killing their members. Governments are spiritually killing the citizens of their nation and here I am speaking in light of Africa.

As a result we have a spiritually dead global society BUT in the valley of dry bones, there will be a rattling, bones will come together and the Lord will cause breath to enter His children that they may come back to life. Dry bones will rise, with renewed sinews, flesh will grow back, covered with skin and receive new breath. They will come to life and stand on their feet.

To try and kill a child of God is like trying to cut a tree by the trunk. It will grow again and be even taller than at first.

What if you uproot it? It’s difficult to uproot a deeply rooted tree for even if you do, you will leave parts of the root in the soil which will establish a new tree.

History has never been and the future will not be kind to men and women who try to play God and with God.

IF they succeed to break you as I’ve told earlier, ‘to kill you’, God is behind it as means of salvation for you and destruction for their part.

You see, “the resurrection power and Kingdom within you” can only come about when you “die”. Hence, “unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a seed; but if it dies, it bears much fruit”. In the minds of your enemies you are buried and finished. In the mind of God, you are planted to be established.

Hence “but I tell you not to resist an evil person. If someone slaps you on your right cheek, turn to him the other also”.

Later He tells you to “pray for your persecutors”. For after He has cleansed you through their fire, now their salvation will depend upon your prayers of Grace and Mercy for them. You make sure you pray for them and wish them well.

I am showing you these things for you to understand it is part of the package of following Jesus Christ. Don’t let a false preacher or prophet lie to you about fake solutions and create false narratives about your ordeal.

Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial that has come upon you, as though something strange were happening to you but rejoice that you share in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed at the revelation of His glory”.

They just want to sell their baseless books, repackaged olive oil with a picture of themselves on the bottle, “miracle tools” and release a noisy auto tuned music album for you to buy!! It’s all about manipulation, control, oppression and greed for sordid gain.

As you’re running to them as though they are God, you keep missing your chance to serve the Lord water at the well, drink from the springs of living water and be free once and for all.

Is it that you enjoy rat races? Please, I beseech you, let’s stop chasing the dangling carrot when we can have a farm of healthy, good looking, delicious carrots to enjoy ourselves and with others.

Next up we are going to look at the wicked spirits of Jezebel and Ahab. Then look at the wickedness of Balaam and Balak. I will show you how the enemy will further try to sabotage you while you are tending your garden. So that you are aware even as you work out the solutions with wisdom.

See you there!

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