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Living with depression and anxiety


Dear precious human,

I hope you’re doing well and all is well with you. I just want to tell you something briefly about depression and anxiety. By the way, I have shared my experience before so I am familiar with what you may be going through.

In my past if I would have met you today and you told me you are depressed and feel anxious, I would have probably slapped you with that notorious “sorry about what you’re going through” statement which you hate to hear.

However today, I want to tell you CONGRATULATIONS.

I am happy for your season of darkness.

Why I congratulate you, is first and foremost you are incredibly intelligent and wise. Your level of perceiving today’s reality transcends common sense and that’s the way it should be. You see through everything and everyone and because you’re highly sensitive, you absorb everything. You are intuitive and your heart is not hardened. Plausible!!

Strive to keep it this way. In the grand scheme of things, this will work out to your advantage where we are heading and based on what’s going to become of this world.

Secondly, I congratulate you for having the courage and strength to be in a position of weakness and vulnerability. This is the right position for actual strength. You needed to be cracked open so that light can access you.

Forever and a day, your highest position will be where you are now. You are experiencing some really valuable emotions and motions, that are building you to moral excellence. Persevere and endure it. You will learn later you needed it.

It is very strong of you and appealing to cry when you must. It is spiritually plausible for you to be alone if you must and it is in fact mandatory for you to be in the dark periodically for your growth.

Grow through everything, value all of your feelings, flow with it, study the case you are dealt with and build your gate of wisdom with the findings, let your heart be renovated and accept it all. What you will gather from your experience if you’re a good student, nobody will take that away from you.

The King of Kings, who is a friend so dear to me said “unless a seed falls to the ground and dies, it remains a single seed but if it dies, it produces many seeds”. Thank who or what is pulling you down. If you can, I pray you do, try to receive everything that comes at you with gratitude. You will do well.

I know you didn’t choose to be in your position but then again nothing is “an accident”. Your position and experience, is as necessary as oxygen is to your lungs.

As with every disappointment, I know those you trusted have done you foul and It is very easy to fall into a trap of resentment and unforgiveness. Ensure that you don’t fall into this trap. Practically, you will or might but get out of it. Don’t stay there. Whatever the disappointment may have been. That being said, I need you to know how your enemy thinks.

Do you know…

Unbeknownst to many, there is a method the enemy uses through his favourites to destroy you. The goal, is to break you, especially at your point of need so that you can get traumatised. They feed off of your trauma, frights, confusion, devastation, depression and pain.

It is something “narcissists” enjoy doing and to them they think it is a valuable act and they are justified to their actions. These people, are usually the ones it is written about “they will kill and think they are killing for God”.

They, in whatever field they’re in and whatever their role is in the society, care about nobody but themselves. Their interests and selfish desires.

It is in your traumatic state that you can easily be controlled. For people that do witchcraft, control is pivotal.

Your trauma, is what is important to the opponent of your progress and the method of their wickedness is usually through the practice of witchcraft driven by fear, malice, envy and hate.

Again, the King of kings said, “where there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there will be disorder and every evil practice”. Jealousy is the child and witchcraft the mother. Control is the father of jealousy and husband to witchcraft. If you will ever find yourself not happy with anyone progressing, fall down and start praying for yourself because you will enter a deadly route that will ruin you.

It is not possible for a human being to just wake up and suddenly they’re feeling down and broken. A lot goes in to it. Child and adulthood experiences with mankind, accumulated over a certain period of time.

You cannot be depressed or anxious when you are surrounded by people with good, pure hearts. Unless you are first traumatised by a previous experience which causes you to put your guard up and shut down. As a result of unforgiveness.

You know one or two people who don’t encourage you when you plan, hate to see you happy, talk down on your dreams and visions or show apathy, criticise everything you do or find fault, get unhappy when you receive good news, distract you from focussing on your purpose, try to delay your progress, speak negativity to your life and can never stop assassinating your will.

Anybody that acts like this towards you is somebody you should never respond to no matter how badly you want to give your piece of mind. Do not respond emotionally, mentally or physically but spiritually. Pray for them and for strength to respond right if its necessary. A lot of the time if not all the time, it is not for you to respond.

Since they are the ones who do the dirty job of breaking you open, forgive them with an immediate effect after you have been broken. Even bless them as you receive the strength to do so. What is meant for your harm, is for your good.

After forgiveness, create boundaries with these kind of people and protect the peace you will receive along the way. Their hearts are not right because for a long time they have been engaging with evil practices. Isaiah says “they have been practicing sorcery and enchantment from their youth”.

Also, there is nothing you can do to change them. Only God changes the heart and mind of mankind, through grace and mercy. When you will gather the strength eventually, which you will, pray for them because chances are they are created to do the dirty part and later be destroyed.

So the heart of love will make you feel sorry for them after you’re done being angry and you’ll start praying for their mercy. Your enemy never knows what they do. As a matter of fact, anybody you know that does wickedness, you need to know their mind gets depraved. So they never operate in the right state of mind. When you’re doing great upstairs, hurting people is like an absurd idea.

At all costs, in your course of life, strive to never be in the position of wishing even your enemies bad things or cursing others. You may have wished them ill (I hope not) out of anger but I urge you to repent about that. Personally I am a firm believer of leaving room for God’s vengeance.

I think you or we should be very afraid, if we find ourselves knowingly offending and misleading others. I encourage us all actually, to be quick to ask for forgiveness and forgive if we have done something wrong and endeavour to be on the right side of TRUTH.

Since your enemy has a sense of God fearing-ness in them. We all do anyway. Some don’t admit. Yet. Another tactic they use is they hire people to harm you, imagining that the guilt won’t be on them. This type of harm is usually indirect and most of the time a snare but God is true to His word, He will never leave you or forsake you.

So, I encourage you to use your enemies and the pain they cause to your advantage. Don’t let it destroy you. Pray for them. Destroyers are some of the saddest people on earth and that’s why they need to hurt others to feel satisfied. Hurt people, hurt others. They are not okay and it is plausible if you can show them mercy at heart. They probably have worse off mental issues than you who is depressed and anxious.

They are just individuals with unaddressed issues who make terrible decisions at the cost of others. They don’t have a heart to feel compassion or host integrity so they have to destroy. That to me is very sad and they are the root causes of depression and in fact all of the errors we see in the world today.

Otherwise, the world in itself has no problem. Jesus Christ our champion, overcame the world. Actually even studies have shown that when humans withdraw their activities for instance from the ocean, the ocean replenishes itself. Does this mean we must not use the ocean? Of course not.

The earth is set in a unique order. You MUST operate in goodness and purity of heart otherwise you destroy it, everything and everyone you come across before destroying yourself.

Environmental issues for instance are not so much about actions but a banner lifted to illustrate the state of the heart. Wicked human activities polluting the earth.

You will not over cut trees if you have a good heart but because you’re greedy, you want to cut down the entire forest, so that you can sell all the timber and “make a lot of money”.

This shows you’re thinking about your instant gratification and have no care for the one after you, even future generations. Yet, you will have the audacity to look down on a prostitute at the red light street, when she is just a sign as good as the stop sign by the road, against YOU who is the actual prostitute. When you see a stop sign, you know the message is not about stopping but actually about YOUR SPEED and YOUR MOVEMENT. Yes or no?

Do you not realize we are mandated to take THE LOG out of our eye before we take the speck out of our neighbor’s eye? That statement, is deeper than you knew because the speck, which you enjoy to analyse, is actually a symbol and sign against YOU.

So with regard to wicked actions, a single sin in itself is not the problem. It does not help to point out one sin and try to condemn it when you are the same just doing different.

The problem we are having and I repeat is the state of the heart, human nature. The heart of man without Christ is full of wickedness. That’s why we think we can fix but when we start fixing, we actually destroy. You see, we have to stop trying to compete with God. He is God alone and by Himself.

Our duty on this planet is STEWARDSHIP, MANAGEMENT, COMMUNITY, FELLOWSHIP, COMPASSION, EQUITY, JUSTICE, PEACE and UNITY. All of which begin with LOVE and INTEGRITY. Love, is a person and without this person, NOTHING IS POSSIBLE.

As bosses, servants, spouses whichever angle you find them who thrive on wickedness, their foundations are built on treachery and they can’t be capable of doing good unless God intervenes mercifully.

Anytime you are around them you should expect nothing short of bringing others down. This is because unfortunately they’re incapable of seeing the good in others.

You see, when you’re up, you lift others up. You compliment them. You support them. You extend a hand. When you’re down, you pull others down. You demean them. Suppress them so that you can oppress them to eventually get them depressed. You get?

It is a delight to the wicked when you are broken and done. These people, by the way, and I say this with a lot of respect, are everywhere. They are in your house as a spouse or parent, in your extended family as a “relative”, in your circle of friends, at your job place, on your comment sections on social media, “influencers” too, they have sneaked in to the “church”, in government, markets and they are also your biggest fans. They monitor every single thing you do for two reasons.

One to study you and try to match who you are. So that you think you have a lot in common. You call it sociopathy. Pretend to be one with you. Also they’re very smooth with flattering lips. In your naivety, you allow them in and they rob your peace, joy and all sorts of things including dignity if you’re not careful. Two, they want to keep an eye on you with an evil expectation.

Others also, I’m afraid, do demonic rituals through different methods here and there. So you need to be insulted constantly, demeaned indirectly usually through verbal and mental means, your character will be constantly assassinated, you will be set up to make mistakes like being engaged in conversations that have nothing to do with you in the first place. The bible calls it “fraud of the tongue”.

Which usually starts with gossip, very provocative gossip, so that you can contribute and your contribution is the ammunition against you through contradiction. You also need to be frightened through intimidation, frustrated by threats, cursed without a cause, bullied for some, physically violated for others, then eventually rejected.

Hereafter, since you were caught unawares, you fall in to depression, feeling unworthy and defeated. That right there is the goal and a demonic ritual for some.

It is a well calculated method of foolishness but it is working for YOUR GOOD if you respond well. In fact I encourage you to pray for the ability to respond well to circumstances. This too on your own can be challenging. You need Jesus.

Trauma, sadness, anger, unforgivenness and possibly bitterness to an enemy under a wicked force, is to them what a gold medal is to an athlete. You must try your level best to not allow this world to make you bitter or remove the smile from your face. That little child inside of you is absolutely important and he or she must remain as a child as you comprehend matters as an adult.

A child will do what it wants to do without fear, doubt or malice. Be like a child. It is commendable and very important. Accept you and accept whatever position you are in life. Your current predicament is just a comma in a story that is unfolding. Avoid comparison and emulation. Your power is that you are you and there is only one you. The POWER above your power is that of God who holds your life. Nobody can succeed against you with God by your side.

When the going gets tough and there is an unfamiliar whispering of taking your precious life that was ransomed through tougher moments than what you’re experiencing, you must gather your strength and stand against that voice. Because if you choose to leave in your own terms, you will be in error because actually, this world is perfect. Since your ransoming. It is the people in it that create the problems because their hearts are not right. They are people who need prayers.

Besides that, you are a solution to a problem that’s why you are here. You are born for a certain time that will present itself according to God’s timing. So whoever you will become after the midnight hour, will explain to you why you had to go through the painful process.

I need you to understand that, no new thing is birthed without darkness, a long period of time, pressure and pain. You are a seed planted and if you patiently allow God to use time to do what only He can do “the joy that is coming will not compare to the pain that you’re feeling”.

Allow the seed to spring forth. You know if a seed could talk, it could probably say how scary it is for it to sit deep in the soil in darkness, through stormy weathers, lightning and thunder before it blossoms to something beautiful. Yet even the blossom is not the end on its part.

The seedling, births a plant, the plant, a tree, which takes time. When it is fully grown, the flower blossoms, there needs to be a process of pollination before the flower falls way. After some time, a fruit springs forth and a fruit is first sour, needs to ripen for it to be beneficial.

You are rightfully experiencing what is necessary for your growth and in the right dosage. “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger”. It’s hard, I know. I have walked this road. In fact I don’t think it can be walked without God and His grace. What I realised works, was asking for a forgiving heart. Through that one prayer you find so much more.

Especially, peace in the storm. I even concluded, peace, tranquility, love and forgiveness in its purest and truest form is not something man can achieve through self. You have to pray for it and God of grace will answer you.

I realised, a man who tries to love without God, burns out after every encounter with disappointment. A man who tries to pursue peace without the Prince of Peace falls into the trap of indifference which hardens the heart.

If you have to pop a pill to be tranquil it’s not sustainable because the pill will run out. You also cannot forgive until you are first forgiven and you cannot be forgiven if you have not repented.

When you are hard, it is easy to break and when you are soft, you bend with the motion of force against you. Walk to a tree and test this out. Try breaking a hard dry tree and try breaking a green soft tree especially a branch. I want to hear what you think?

That being said, ditch that crappy advice of toughness. I don’t know “alfa”-ness. In fact I say with confidence these terms of “strong black woman”, “strong independent bla bla bla” are becoming boring to me. *rollseyes*. True strength acquired through weakness actually gives you shamefacedness. You are so strong it humbles you. If you have to shout how strong and independent you are, I’m sorry you are playing yourself.

The strong women and men, at least from the bible, that birthed wonders to this world, were men and women who were very comfortable with being vulnerable. They were people who succumbed to great pain in their becoming before they ended up as mothers and fathers of Judges, Kings, Prophets, Queens, Mighty men of war and one even carried God in her belly as Jesus Christ.

A lot of these real deals of influence, never considered themselves worthy. Some walked around in camel skin, others asked God humble questions such as “who am I that you are mindful of me” and others considered themselves too impure to be called and chosen.

For instance Isaiah asked God to cleanse His lips. Jeremiah thought he was too young. Moses thought he was not going to be able to speak. Jonah who is relatable, ran away and God decided to put him in the mouth of a fish prophetically but also to discipline him. Esther was scared of approaching the King’s chambers to save her people, even though the King loved her.

It has been observed “fools are full of confidence and geniuses are full of doubt”.

Great people with enviable senses of integrity, frequented the knee position more than the standing before Kings. They were such ambassadors of justice who cried more than they laughed.

Do not let anybody deceive you that you are weak when you cry. You must be perfect all the time. There is a limit to perfection and boundlessness in God’s presence.

It is very powerful to admit you are weak than pretend to be strong. Perfect strength is established in weakness. Be true to yourself. Feel what you feel. Flow with the rhythm.

Allow God to use time, pressure and pain to transform you to be your highest self. I say it’s okay to not be okay but it’s not okay to stay not being okay. You are standing on Holy Grounds at your lowest times. Your sandals need to be off. You need to be stripped off of your garments from Egypt and you need fresh new clothes.

You are intentionally a broken vessel under the potter’s hands being transformed to a vessel of honour. Don’t allow prideful spirits to speak to your spirit and draw you to that unsustainable confidence they exhibit.

Be as you are and don’t be pressured to act, feel, respond or be who you are not. What you need is stillness, trust, a lot of quiet in your first stages and rest.

Jim Carrey said something really good when he was talking about depression. He defined it as “deep-rest”. You feel depressed because you need to get in to a deep rest and renew.

God is the one in charge of the human heart and minds. Submit your heart to Him and He will establish His righteous course and cause of your life. Without harm.

He cares for you and your depression is a session of rebirth. It is not something to be stigmatised or shy away from. You constantly have to outgrow things, people and situations.

When you outgrow an apple, you’ll be fruitless for a time. When you outgrow people you will be alone for a time. When you outgrow situations, you will be without a situation for a time. So chillax baby!! You’re not here to fit in. You’re here to be you. It’s not as bad as you’re made to believe.

Severally a day, just to inspire you, I pray a section of a Psalm by David, a man very relatable and a favourite of mine. Part of his prayer says “Create in me a clean heart, O God and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence and take not thy Holy Spirit from me. Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation and uphold me with thy free spirit”.

I pray this because I am fully aware of my sinful nature and I would be foolish to pretend to be righteous before God who knows all about me before I was even conceived. So, I assume two positions daily.

One is of repentance and another of foolishness. Try it.

As in, I am deeply and truly sorry and I want to learn. This way when I am going through a difficult time, I learn the lesson and not squander the precious moment. In your period of darkness, prayer will make all the difference and God will show you His kindness.

I also resorted to not allowing just anyone to speak to my spirit. I am so selfish about this and unapologetic too. You need to try this and see if it’s something for you. For me my measuring meter is my peace.

If I feel a little distortion of my peace, I check out. Be mindful of who you allow to speak to your spirit. Even with this article, read it prayerfully. I don’t have it all figured out by the way!

There are people who choose to also make you sort of like a garbage can. Instead of edifying you, exhorting you, refreshing your spirit or even make you laugh, like I said earlier it’s gossip, slander and absolute negativity.

For me, this I avoid without compromise. Those who know me will tell you I am about jokes, extremely deep, meaningful and edifying conversations, jovial in the right mood except when I am on my periods and I don’t know how to fake a funk. For me what you see is what you get. Be you. Please.

I also hate negative entertainment and I pick and choose very carefully what music I listen to and what I am watching. I mean very carefully. I can be OCD about it and pick what I’ll watch tomorrow today. If I must watch something. Do the same. The media, social and news, can also be a very negative space.

Match your season of life. In autumn you see the leaves falling away. They don’t strive to maintain their position. In winter time you see almost all living creatures in nature match and respect the season through hibernation and migration. With a somewhat sense of reverence.

Don’t fight your season. You are where you need to be and going through what is necessary for you.

So once again, congratulations. I like to see butterflies fly out from the cocoons when it is time. Just like you sleep at night, rest with a heart of peace in your darkest times. No night lasts forever. Just like you wake up in the morning stretching and yawning, so shall you be when THE LIGHT overcomes your darkness. Winter passes and spring comes forth. Whether up or down, no position is permanent.

To compare yourself with this generation when you’re feeling down is a big big big disservice to you. We need to be reminded not to admire what we don’t fully understand.

A lot of those luxuries flashed to your face 24/7, if you knew what goes into acquiring them, you will be sorry to yourself that you even imagined to put yourself against that.

You are doing great and you’re in a perfect position. That’s what I need you to know today. I cannot emphasise enough because depression begins with disappointment from people, forgive everyone that has played you foul.

Release them from your heart and mind. Let Jesus Christ the Nazarene, fix your diapers and bandage your wounds. Then be patient and work with your season, not against it. Don’t fall for that “strength” thing you’re seeing.

It is not real and while people look down on prostitutes who end up selling their bodies out of destitution and fear, I tell you those prostitutes might as well be banners lifted up against us and the true prostitutes are those you see selling themselves and others for a nickel.

Doing and saying just about anything for a dollar and two together with depreciating values, even if it’s not edifying the viewer/listener. Even if it will hurt others. Showing how we are willing to sell our dignities and that of others to avoid that moment of darkness that brings you to true light.

We must gather up the courage as a matter of fact to voluntarily walk in to that darkness without being plunged into it unawares. King David volunteered to walk to the wilderness himself and said “I will go to the wilderness so that God will decide what to do with me”. Until today, by covenant, his kingdom still stands.

Walk in to that dark place. That is my wish for everybody if you want true light when even the moon fails. Thank the people that plunge you into the dark place.

The world is pressuring you for nothing. What you now call success is total failure and you will understand what I mean not very far from now. Mark this and look out!

What you see looking happy is either ignorance or staged activity. 90% actually is staged activity. What you see and the reality are different.

I will tell you what, for such a long time you are told to be happy and you pursue happiness? I say ditch that. Aim for JOY. Joy will have you dancing and singing in the middle of a storm.

Happiness disappears when just mere darkness jets in. Happiness can be acquired easily through anything outside of you but JOY, she shows up when you’re done crying yourself to sleep and you think you have reached the end of the road. Aim for JOY not happiness.

I’ve told you I love King David so much? He wrote the Psalms in the middle of war and hot pursuit from His enemies. In the Psalms you see Him in praise, worship, thanksgiving and deep relatable emotions.

Saul, misused his anointing because of envy towards David and wasted his life pursuing David only to end up dying. Through it all, the Psalms show you how David went through the motions.

Check it out and learn from one of the greatest. My second favourite King, who challenged my heart the day I saw how he handled his enemy in the end. Actually, if there is one person who made me pause and reflect in the entire Bible, it is King David.

I must publicly confess I have not done a good job when it comes to handling enemies. It has been a long journey until I finally realised and accepted I couldn’t do it on my own. That’s when I learned forgiveness.

This does not mean I am perfect because today, I can’t stand wickedness. I have forgiven yes, learnt the importance of forgiveness but when I see someone doing evil to another I feel dangerous and I hate ignorance. Not because I am intelligent.

I mean I have skeletons in my closet. In fact, every time I spend my time quietly and just observe everything, I marvel at God’s long suffering. It is a praise trigger in my life and after my meditation, usually the question begs, if God treats us sinners with such great love, exactly who do I think I am, to react at another person’s mistake.

The answer to this, keeps me grounded and my prayer is to learn how to act in the face of wickedness. I have zero tolerance to not only negativity but wickedness, injustice and hate to see people suffer because somebody else has no self control and capacity to co exist with others. This gets my blood boiling!!

Point in case, be self aware. Know your cracks well. Embrace them and leverage them to develop. When you know your cracks also, nobody can use them against you. At least without your permission.

Transcend common sense and soar as high as you will be empowered. Also write your story in your own terms but let God dictate the narrative. Hand no human being the pen. Let the Lion write the story so that the historian can stop the error of glorifying the hunter.

If people wish you bad, wish them well. If they keep bringing you down, let them. They look like they’re bringing you down when you look from the angle of fear but they’re propelling you higher. You need to trust the process of your season and don’t feel the need to pretend to be strong. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

You will find true strength when you admit to your weakness. You don’t need to prove yourself to this world and cease seeking validation from people. If you must seek validation, seek God’s validation of you. That could be a pursuit that is worthy in all angles.

If you are mentally doing well, please let us not stigmatise people that are going through a renewal.

The smartest, most genuine, loyal, fun and loving people are usually the ones that end up on the crucifixion of depression. This is because they see and feel everything. Barnabas on the other hand gets released.

Seriously King Solomon in Ecclasiastes was so right, “for with much wisdom comes sorrow. The more knowledge the more grief”.However the Lord said “blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted”.

In the dispensation we are in, yet it’s just the beginning, any awakened soul is going to have bouts of mourning whereas Barnabas will be free from the cross dancing and celebrating. In this case scenario I would hate to be Barnabas and beg to be returned to the cross next to the one that holds my gate pass to true freedom.

So please, don’t interfere with those “living with depression and anxiety”. It’s like trying to interfere with a woman in the middle of giving birth. Also don’t try to bring them down.

Some of you people in fact need to be very careful with your dealings. All sin is forgivable except one and that is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Blasphemy is an offense to the Holy Spirit who can reside in any human being of His choice.

Be careful who you insult, bewitch and attempt to destroy. You don’t know who is who because even the one baring the Holy Spirit sometimes has no idea that He is in the midst.

Do good and mind your business. Pray for a good heart of integrity. The kingdom of God is not outside of this earth. The birds would get there already by now. It is here on earth and at hand. We need to start deliberately behaving ourselves. In the blindness of your hatred and malice, you’ll find yourself tampering with a fire you cannot quench.

So when it comes to people who seem like “outsiders”, outcasts, beggars, “misfits”, the squares in the circle, “black sheep”, “depressed” and what not, I am warning you to steer clear from this people. Do not dig a pit in their ranking thinking they will fall in it. Its like shooting yourself. They say on the foot but on this case, its like pulling the trigger in your mouth.

God lives amongst us through people. If you find yourself doing wrong and talking bad about others all the time, you have no idea what damage you could be doing to your own self. You also don’t know who is who.

Be careful how you’re dealing with your fellow man whether they are a “somebody” or a “nobody”. Especially the “nobodies”. They are not what they seem like and the “somebodies” most of them, are not who they want you to think they are.

So, transcend common sense then maybe you can successfully escape foolishness. Do not hate or mess with who you don’t understand. Walk in Love and treat people good.

You going through depression. If you forgive, you will fix everything and your anxiety will disappear. Forgiveness, again I will remind you, the true one where you forget completely about what people have done to you, cannot come from your own strength. This one you pray for it. If you have never prayed before maybe this is a great opportunity for you to taste God’s kindness, grace and mercy? You decide.

Should you decide to pray, my prayer for you is Psalm 20. May the good Lord hear you when you choose to call on Him and hide you in His safety.

This too shall pass. You are doing well so far. Keep walking and by all means in the words of Solomon “guard your heart for out of it flows the issues of life”.

In my previous article I have extensively shared how to make the full armor of God work because your heart can be successfully guarded only when you wear the breastplate of righteousness.

Know too, especially when you walk alone, that’s when you are in the GREATEST of company and you don’t see it but truly, those who are for you outnumber those against you.

Have the courage to confront both THE TRUTH, DARKNESS and embrace your weaknesses. Don’t shy away from being vulnerable.

Have Faith and be patient.

I have and still is examining life and keenly observing the world, one thing I will tell you is for sure, in this lifetime and one to come, God will never reject those who seek Him with a truthful heart irregardless of the mess you have made in your past and never once will you be put to shame for putting your trust in Him. This has been examined from the beginning of time and found to be true.

As the Ancient of Days, He remarkably and wonderfully remains the same yesterday, today and forever more. Supernaturally Faithful. Righteous in judgment. Loving and Kind. Beautiful beyond description. Majestic in His majesty enthroned above. An excellent husband to the widow, provider for the poor, father to the fatherless, helper to the helpless, a mighty strong tower, a rock on whom we stand, the Prince of Peace, our Daily Bread and the Sweet to Sweetheart. He truly deserves all the praise and glory. My goodness!!

Go to Him you who is weary and He will give you rest.

He yearns to give you rest and just maybe, what you may be calling depression, could very well be Him voluntarily gathering you with His Love like a hen gathers a chic to His deep rest so that you can be fruitful?

I proudly and Highly recommend Him based on my own walk with Him. Not once did I call Him and He didn’t answer. Put your trust in Him and He will help you. He will be with you through it all. As close as your garments are upon your body.

Especially when it feels like He is not there, think of it like the time He got into a boat with His disciples and “slept” and all of a sudden there was a storm, to test their Faith. The disciples started screaming for help when Jesus had set them up to rebuke the storm.

So He got up and rebuked the storm and there was peace as the disciples marvelled. I laugh every time I read that verse because that is so me. Severally I have screamed just like them instead of practicing my Faith. Screamed like a lost sheep trying to locate the Shepherd and boy will I scream? I proudly believe if you can’t rebuke, scream!!

Per adventure the enemy learns about your screaming and tries to mute you, scream at heart. Loud and proud. Proud of His glory. He shows up sometimes even before you finish calling. You want to see a competent emergency response HE IS THE ONE. All you need is Faith, an open and repentant heart and teachable spirit.

In other news, build your relationship with Him. Tell Him respectfully what you think and feel. Honestly. Have an exchange. He hears, He answers and HE IS GOOD, GREAT AND GREATLY TO BE PRAISED.

He is with you always even when it doesn’t feel like it. So don’t be bothered by the opinions from the left or the right. Stay focussed. Be who you are and feel what you feel and let Jesus be Lord and King over us all. Everything makes sense afterwards. Soon you will have a song in your heart and that’s what I wanted to say.

Otherwise, I wish everybody well! Grace and Peace too. You will be ok and you will never go wrong if you choose to go right. Should you go wrong because of a devious set up, the God I know, will use that mistake and make a blessing out of it. This too you will see ahead of you. Cease striving and be still.

I can’t wait to see how amazing you’ll turn out at the end of your spectrum. In advance, from the bottom of my heart, I am happy for you and I pray you find strength, courage and encouragement to sprout through, grow through and bare fruit. Journey on. You’ve got this because Jesus got you!!

Warm Hugs To You!!

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