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The world mourns an unmatched great leader, Mr. Kofi Annan, who passed away on August 18th in Bern, Switzerland.

Kofi Annan

It is astoundingly beautiful and awe-inspiring, how God magnificently reflects in the souls of His chosen ones. Special individuals who excellently reflect the image of God. Effortlessly, just like the sun, shining forth on diamonds of the purest water. For God, through God and by God, for the greater good. Without revealing their brightness to men.

Humans so unique that you could see it in their eyes, speech, deeds, expression of their thoughts, movements, boldness, faith, selflessness, virtues and beliefs. Better off compared to walking candlesticks, that seamlessly lit up every room their feet stamped upon. The very few that made God look excellently outstanding with His creation. Sons of Africa! The best of them yet.

Kofi Annan

It is not a time of mourning and sadness but a time of gratitude. To a man that dedicated his entire life to the pursuit of international peace and sustainable development. His integrity, humility, devotion, compassion, empathy and unique negotiation skills remain unmatched. Thank you Ghana and the Annan family, for sharing a man of such a unique demeanor with the world. Thank you God for illustrating true leadership through Kofi Annan. You give and you take away but the mission that you intended to accomplish through your unique vessel, will remain as a legacy to be taught to the next generation.

Kofi Annan

I remember like it was yesterday, when I joined University by the grace of God, to pursue International Relations & Law. 5 foot 1 Inch tall, with heavy books, a super huge forehead and loved to seat at the front desk in the lecture room. I was always keen on taking notes concerning the sociopolitical and socioeconomic dynamics of the world.

After class, we used to have assignments of which, I would complete while in class. This was because after school, I got paid to complete other people’s assignments. I had to do these ‘criminal’ activities within an hour so that I can have spare time. I had a sense of urgency to catch up with Mr. Annan either through his books that I would borrow from the library, speeches or go through his Facebook page. He was a sort of driving force for me otherwise the education system was questionable.

There was nothing not to admire about Kofi Annan, as a Father, Husband and a world leader. So I would fall asleep sometimes just listening to what he had to say especially about Africa. I even got some friends from Ghana and started investigating their culture and traditions because Kofi was so extraordinary.

He was the only leader I knew who didn’t emphasize on his title, wealth, power, traits and unless he shows up on TV, it was very easy to forget him until someone mentions the word negotiation or diplomacy. He inspired me greatly and my social media handles can attest to that. I always silently wondered.. what is it about you! but now I know, God says we will know His people by their fruits. Very easy to think it is the material aspect of things but it is the character traits and legacies people like Annan and the likes leave behind.

That aside, don’t you find it interesting that, we come to this world naked and with nothing. We leave by the same token technically. Shortly after, relative or not, life goes on and you’re soon forgotten. Nobody remembers if you had designer shoes, your face or anything about your physical aspect.

Instead, people remember how you impacted them, the world and the legacy you leave behind. When Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa or Maya Angelou are mentioned, you remember what they stood for not necessarily their physical aspect or the things we consider important today.

Also, don’t you find it interesting that apart from sleep, death is the only thing that puts the least to the greatest on their backs in a powerless state? Absolutely fascinating. In everything you do, make sure you pick a thing or two from men and women like Kofi Annan. Aside from God’s help, Kofi Annan, inspired me to stay through school. That’s why I thought It would be a great idea, to grace him as the first post of our little haven. He was one of a kind.

Mr. Annan, when you get to heaven, say hi to Jesus and tell him slowly by slowly I am learning how to turn the other cheek and close to loving my enemies to perfection. You will not be forgotten and thank you so much for your services. It can be a bitter pill to swallow when you lose a human being with such great qualities but this was a life well lived and an inspiration to many. He surely deserves to rest in eternal peace until we meet again.

A thing he said once that I will never forget is that “To live is to choose but to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to get there”.

Once again, thank you and “Da yie Africa nyinaa ba” – Ghana phrase that means “Farewell to thee, Son of Africa”.

It will be impossible to forget you and indeed.. “blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God”-Mathew 5:9. You were just that and then some more. I am happy I always appreciated you while you were still alive aside from admiring you greatly.

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