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Not so long ago, I had a discussion with somebody about directions. In every state, depending on where you are located, there are two different locations with the same name.

For example, a city on the North called Florence and a city on the east also called Florence.

If I live in the East and want to invite you, let’s say you will be driving there, or however you choose to get there, it is important that you follow my instructions so that you get the directions right and arrive safely.

The Florence on the East where I would be living is not the same as that of the North, though they both are Florence.

You also cannot change my location to suit your means of travel and have no choice but to set your GPS according to the location I gave you. Failure to do so will mean getting lost and eventually cancelling our meeting plans.

Since we both probably will be having other life duties to fulfil, it will mean uncertainty as to when we can plan another meeting to see each other after a long time.

My argument based on the discussion about directions was that you can have two different directions with the same name, for this case we say Florence but the ultimate destination is what is relevant and has to be gotten right. Failure to do so will mean getting lost or rather error.

The same is the case with adhering to God and His righteous instructions. His thoughts are what will remain standing when all else will fade away. What He says is much more important than what we think. How He wants us to do things and perceive them is what is our endeavour and duty here on earth.

It is written actually in Proverbs 14:12 that “there is a way which seems right unto man, but the end thereof are the ways of death”.


Back to my directions discussion, it is good to drive around Florence on the North. Perhaps there are good views to see as you drive around and it feels great to be in your car quietly driving along the highways.

However, it is not right to drive that way because we have plans and time set apart to meet as we had agreed. At Florence, towards the East.

So, you have to rightfully drive towards the East and ensure you get my location right. Where I live does not change no matter what you decide to do unless I deliberately choose to move to a different location.

Of which If I do, you will be informed by me, the one making the plans and nobody else. You again, cannot change my directions, to suit your desires. Neither would you want me to do the same if the tables would be turned.

Should you choose to not consider my instructions, as mentioned earlier, this means in your feel good travel, you will be in error, end up in the wrong location and I will not be the one to blame. Plus our meeting will be cancelled.

Given that I gave you the exact location. You also had every right to ask me questions if it was not clear but you obviously did not hence the reason why you ended up in Florence by the North rather than East.

Pleasurable choices, a lot of the time are very good and feel good but all the time, in the grand scheme of things, are usually the wrong decisions.

Right decisions on the other hand are very difficult in the beginning, breed doubt and are mentally and emotionally costly. However if you stick with it by virtue of Integrity, Trust and a foundation of Love so to speak, the right decision will turn out to be the best and most excellent.


It is still 2019

First of all I would just like to give Glory to God who Glories in all that He does and says. He is absolutely unfathomable and there is no definite word that can describe His glory in all things.

In Isaiah 46:10 He said “I distinguish the end from the beginning, and ancient times from what is still to come, saying: ‘My purpose will be established, and I will accomplish all my good pleasure.’

This prophecy has been fulfilled in many ways and in context with what I am about to say. Hopefully not by my flesh but the spirit.

Indeed, what is still to come has already been told and is unfolding very subtly like ice melting away that it’s almost impossible to catch it if you’re not alert and sober minded.

It was told in Daniel 7:25 about what was going to take place including “changing the times and laws”. This is not something that is coming but has already come and is here in our midst.

As you can see from the title of this text, the year 2020 has not yet began. It is the 11th month according to the schedule of the Almighty God.

I for one the day I realised I have been celebrating pagan Holidays I became literally sick because of the shock value.

The so called “teachers” and “preachers” (THAT ARE NOT SENT), told me that It was Jesus Christ who was the reason for the season-s. So I was righteous in my own eyes just like every other pagan is and did those celebrations. In ignorance.

Nobody told me that it had nothing to do with God of Jacob or His begotten son Jesus Christ until one day I woke up questioning everything.

Jesus Christ reiterated Isaiah on Mark 7: 6-7 stating, “Isaiah prophesied correctly about you hypocrites. As it is written: “These people honor Me with their lips but their hearts are far from me. They worship me in vain; they teach as doctrine the precepts of men”.

Paul too stated something similar in Romans 10 and significant to what I am alluding to.

He began by saying, his heart’s desire and prayer to God for the Israelites is for their salvation. I say Amen!

Adding that, they are zealous for God, but not on the basis of Knowledge. Because they were ignorant of God’s righteousness and sought to establish their own, they did not submit to God’s righteousness”.

Moreover, it is written in 1 John 1: 6 that, “if we claim to have fellowship with him yet we walk on in the darkness, we lie and do not live out the truth. But if we walk in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, His son, purifies us from all sin”.

When it comes to worshipping God, the Lord said “a time is coming and has now come when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth, for the Father is seeking such as to worship Him. God is spirit and His worshippers MUST worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Considering too Deuterenomy 12:31-32, “Beware that you are not lured into following them, after they have been destroyed before you, and that you do not inquire about their gods, saying, “how did these nations serve their gods, so that I too may do likewise”?

You shall not behave this way toward the Lord your God, for they have done for their gods very repulsive thing which the Lord hates; for they even burn their sons and their daughters in the fire to their gods.

Everything I command you, you shall be careful to do it; you shall not add to it nor take way from it”.

1 John 2:3-5 and hereby we do know him, if we keep His commandments. He that says, I know Him, and keeps not His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. But whoso keeps the word, in Him verily is the Love of God perfected: hereby we know that we are in Him.


We see God mentioning the first month in the book of Exodus 12 where He states “This month is to be for you the first month, of your year”.

Since we are not told exactly when it is, we later find out in the book of Esther 3:7, Nehemiah 2:1, that the first month, is “the month of Nisan/Abib”.

This, is equivalent to March in the Gregorian calendar and is therefore when a new year begins.

To state the obvious, 2020 is on March. To be exact, March 26th in the Gregorian calendar, is when the new year begins.

Meaning we have almost two months as the Lord continues to Lead us. Also meaning, those prophets that you ardently follow have lied to you.

The Lord has not given them any “prophetic message” for “#2020”. So have your “preachers” and “teachers” lied to you and those gatherings you had at midnight were in vain!!

As you make your resolutions, it is not with the God of Jacob you’re planning with but the idols and pagan pieces of wood created through delusion. In times of trouble, they cannot and will not rescue you from your afflictions. All they do is deprave your minds and that’s why the world is drunk soon to be sobered up!

There are no records in History of mankind where man went ahead of and against God and prospered. What you see in the world is movement but not progress. Examine your heart and be true to yourself and come let us reason together or continue with the rotten ways!!

We don’t go ahead of God and He follows. He leads and we follow. He is the Master of the universe not us!

He is the Father, we are His children first then His servants.

The servant should never be above the master and the prophetic symbolism in every child on earth, is that they are all innocent and void of malice.

The Lord said in Mathew 18:3, “truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of heaven”.

Jeremiah 8:5-8, “Thus says the Lord, why then is this people of Jerusalem slidden back by a perpetual backsliding? They hold fast to deceit, they refuse to return.

I hearkened and heard, but they spake not alright: no man repented of his wickedness, saying what have I done? Everyone turned to his course, as the horse rushes into the battle.

Yea, the stork in the heaven knows her appointed times and the turtle and the crane and the swallow observe the time of their coming; but my people know not the judgment of the Lord.

How do we say we are wise and the Law of the Lord is with us? Lo, certainly in vain made he it; the pen of the scribes is in vain”.

On the first of January I wanted to go to sleep early but could not because of fire works noises.

I then thought to myself, we like to play with fire until the unquenchable fire is at hand.

With every fire that bursted in the air, my heart sunk a little because of how the heavens were peacefully quiet amidst the shoutings.

As different sorts of colours splurged out of the fire works, I admired how God is long suffering, patient, loving and Kind. Even in Grace and Mercy, He is glorified!

Often in our wickedness, God is so silent you will think what you’re doing is righteous until He arises. Behold, Hebrew 10:30-31 “for we know Him that has said, “vengeance belongs unto me, I will recompense”, says the Lord. Again, the Lord shall judge His people. It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the Living God”.

To the false prophets that like to prophecy lies to the sons and daughters, you know how to prophecy but you don’t know the ordinances of the Lord?

I hope and pray that non of you will allow demons to speak in to your life. I have repeatedly told you that if you want to hear from God, go to Him by yourself.

He has also severally warned you about false preachers and prophets but you never listen until when it’s too late to remedy!!

In the word of God, the months are referred to as First month, second and so forth. All the months are as follows:

Nissan/Abib0130 daysMarch-April
Iyyar0229 daysApril-May
Sivan0330 daysMay-June
Tammuz0429 daysJune-July
Av0530 daysJuly-August
Elul0629 daysAugust-September
Tishrei0730 daysSeptember-October
Cheshvan0829 or 30 daysOctober-November
Kislev0929 or 30 daysNovember-December
Tevet1029 daysDecember-January
Sh’vat1130 daysJanuary-February
Adar1229 or 30 daysFebruary-March
Adar II (leap year only)1329 daysMarch-April

With this in mind, the new year does not begin on 1st of January. The festivity of New Year is built on a foundation of filth.

The question that begs for you then (if you Love God with all your mind, soul and strength) is, where did this strange idea come from although Daniel was right in His prophecy?

That they will change the times and law?

I want you to go and find this out for yourselves. I refuse to write about wooden crafts and rotten delusions on my blog.

I will glorify God only and His word in this context. I will not create room here for pagan pieces of wood that cannot see, smell, walk or do nothing!!

Go and find out why you celebrate what you celebrate. Look at the rotten background story of your traditions and decide if you want to repent or continue in your craftiness.

It is written in Romans 12:2, “and do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God”.

I will tell you God doesn’t approve of any of the celebrations. No matter how you choose to change the story.

Actually, Isaiah 1: 11-16, Thus says the Lord, “The multitude of your sacrifices-what are they to me? I have more than enough of burnt offerings, of rams and the fat of fattened animals.

I have no pleasure in the blood of bulls and lambs and goats. When you come to appear before me, who has asked this of you, this trampling of my courts?

Stop bringing meaningless offerings! Your incense is detestable to me. New moons, Sabbaths and convocations-I cannot bear your worthless assemblies.

Your new moon feasts and your appointed festivals I hate with all my being.

They have become a burden to me; I am weary of bearing them. When you spread your hands in prayer, I hide my eyes from you.

Even when you offer many prayers, I am not listening. Your hands are full of blood. Wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight. Stop doing wrong”.

The one thing He has sternly rebuked in His word and has been the cause of most problems between Him and His children in the word, is Idolatry and Paganism.

Otherwise, It is written in Ecclesiastes 9:11 “The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favour to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.

So if time and chance happen to them all, how will you as a part of all, get the chance, if you are getting the timing wrong?

If God says the first month is Nisan, will it not work against us if we change that?

Zechariah 10:1 says ask the Lord for rain in the springtime; it is the Lord who sends the thunderstorms. He gives showers of rain to all people, and plants of the field to everyone”.

God has His set times and seasons for each and every occassion here on earth. Either we acknowledge that and respect it or we don’t but we cannot force agendas to His throne.

I’d like to think that is absolutely dangerous.

Some see Him silent when in the middle of craftiness and think He approves of the filth.

Please let us work out our salvation with fear and trembling.

His system cannot be cheated, ignorance is not excusable and He doesn’t take bribe from man.

We also have no capacity to transform what is pagan to be righteous when we are struggling with the bare minimum. Keeping the commandments.

If we cannot successfully keep the commandments or understand the basics of His righteous instructions, how then can it be that we can take rotten traditions and force them to be Holy and assume we are doing it for God?


I would like to give you a few examples of some people who were given specific instructions in the word, how they transgressed and what God’s response was.

  1. Saul. 1st Samuel 15

Samuel said to Saul, “The Lord has sent me to anoint you as King over His people, over Israel; now therefore, listen to the words of the Lord”.

Thus says the Lord of hosts, “I will punish Amalek for what he did to Israel, how he set himself against him on the way while he was coming up from Egypt”.

“Now go and strike Amalek and utterly destroy all that he has and do not spare him but put to death both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey”

“But Saul and the people spared Agag and the best of the sheep, the oxen, the fatlings of the lamb, and all that was good, and were not willing to destroy them utterly; but everything despised and worthless they utterly destroyed”.

The word of the Lord came to Samuel saying, “I regret that I have made Saul King, for he has turned back from following Me and has not carried out My commands”.

Samuel came to Saul, and Saul said to him “Blessed are you of the Lord! I have carried out the commandment of the Lord”.

Samuel said “what then is this bleating of the sheep in my ears, and the lowing of the oxen which I hear”?

Saul said, “they have brought them from the Amalekites, for the people spared the best of the sheep and oxen, to sacrifice to the Lord your God; but the rest we have utterly destroyed”.

Samuel said to Saul, “Wait, and let me tell you what the Lord said to me last night” and he said “speak”.

Samuel said, “Is it not true, though you were little in your own eyes, you were made the head of the tribes of Israel? And the Lord anointed you king over Israel and sent you on a mission and said “go utterly and destroy the sinners, the Amelikites, and fight against them until they are exterminated”.

“Why then did you not obey the voice of the Lord, but rushed upon the spoil and did what was evil in God’s sight of the Lord”

Samuel said “has the Lord as much delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord”?

“Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice and to heed than the fat of rams”.

Samuel said “I will not return with you; for you have rejected the word of the Lord and the Lord has rejected you from being King over Israel”.

Also the Glory of Israel will not lie or change His mind: for He is not a man that He should change His mind”.

So with this example you can see that your ideas against God’s commandments do not matter.

If He hasn’t commanded you to celebrate Christmas for example no matter how many times you use the name of His begotten son to entertain yourself, it will not change His statutes or mind.

Is it not written in Malachi 3: 6-7 For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed. Even from the days of your fathers you have gone away from my ordinances, and have not kept them. Return to me, and I will return to you says the Lord of Hosts.

The same goes with changing the times and celebrating your own ideas against His.


I am not condoning violence and neither does any “murder” or “killing” in the bible have to do with shedding of blood.

Had you not been so busy with witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment, Idolatry, Paganism, Pride and Ignorance, you would have had the privilege to understand the hidden and deep wisdom of God.

Anybody that uses violence (or any burdensome means) in the name of God, HAS NOT BEEN SENT BY GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB. This example has deeper meaning to be told later but the point in case, all your celebrations are filthy before the presence of the Lord.

2. Sons of Aaron-The sin of Nadab and Abihu. Leviticus 10:1-3

Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, took their respective firepans, and after putting fire in them, placed incense on it and offered strange fire before the Lord, which He had not commanded them.

And fire came out from the presence of the Lord and consumed them and they died before the Lord.

Moses said to Aaron “It is what the Lord spoke, saying”

“By those who come near Me I will be treated as Holy, and before all the people I will be honoured”.

Again, we can not bring strange ideas to the Holy of Holies and ascribe worship to it.

Especially pagan and idolatrous ideas. Not to mean that other strange ideas are plausible.

I also don’t think we have any idea what we’re standing up against when we even dare to think to do such.

The more silent God is, the more we should tremble. Never take His kindness and silence for granted.

When He arises, like the flow of a river must land to an opening, so is His wrath. It doesn’t turn once it is released until it has accomplished its purpose.

What you see now, is Him giving us time to repent so that we do not perish.

It is not an allowance for Filth!!

3. Peril In Moving The Ark. 2nd Samuel 6:1-7

Now David gathered together all the able young men of Israel, 30,000. He and all his men went to Baalah in Judah to bring up from the ark of God, which is called by the Name, the name of the Lord Almighty, who is enthroned between the cherubim on the ark.

They set the ark of God on a new cart and brought it from the house of Abinadab, which was on the hill.

Uzzah and Ahio, sons of Abinadab, were guiding the new cart with the ark of God on it, and Ahio was walking in front of it. David and all Israel were celebrating with all their might before the Lord, with castanets, harps, lyres, timbrels, sistrums and cymbals.

When they came to the threshing floor of Nakon, Uzzah reached out and took hold of the ark of God, because the oxen stumbled.

The Lord’s anger burned against Uzzah because of his irreverent act; therefore God struck him down, and he died there beside the ark of God”.

This story was a shock to me too besides King David because in my eyes and Uzzah’s, his intentions seemed pure.

However, like I have mentioned in the beginning, what we think as long as it is against God’s will, is irrelevant and highly consequential.

The ark of God could only be approached and touched by God’s elected High Priest. As you can see, what He says, is what is and stands. Whether you choose to believe Him or not and whether you like it or not.

It didn’t matter whether Uzzah meant well, he touched the ark trying to save it from falling and was struck down.

In like manner, whether you mention Jesus Christ in your pagan festivities such as Christmas, it doesn’t matter.

He was not born on December 25th and neither did He ask us to celebrate His birth.

What He instructed concerning His remembrance was Luke 22: 19-20. “He took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me”.

In the same way, after the supper he took the cup saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you. But the hand of him who is going to betray me is with mine on the table. The Son of Man will go as it has been decreed but woe to the man who betrays Him!”

Anything against the command is a tresspass and not acceptable before the Lord. We cannot add to His instructions or omit!

This means, irregardless of what you argue, Christmas is not acceptable before the Lord’s eyes. Neither is any other festivity you uphold in the name of Jesus Christ and God.

The simple instructions above is what we practice concerning Him. Nothing more or less.

It is good to sit down with your family. Struggle to tolerate each other, pretend around one another for most of you and give each other gifts not from the heart but a traditional practice and have nothing to do with Jesus Christ.

However, it is not right or acceptable before the Lord.


I write not this to condemn you or declare hell upon you as you may be thinking by now. No! I love you and want the best for your heart and mind. Your Spirit. Your wellbeingness.

So I point you to the truth that will set you free.

Should it occur to you that I think I’m better, you err because as a matter of fact I am not. I probably am among the worst without Grace and Mercy and I too, formerly took part in the feast of devils in ignorance leading to disobedience.

As always, it is through Grace and Mercy that I can have the privilege to write matters concerning God.

In fact, if you are meticulous enough and trace back around here, you will see my weaknesses that I like to make evident for all to see.

I boast in them not because it is appealing to be weak or plausible to be wrong but because the Glory of God can be made visible to you through my weakness.

If I am a drunk I will tell you that and then let my soberness speak and glorify God. If I am a fool, that is what I will show and let the wisdom of God glorify Him. If I am a liar, that is what I will show so that when I speak the truth, you and I can glorify God. If I am broken then broken I will be so that the Light of the world can access me and glorify the Father.

He has a way with broken vessels, rebels, misfits and square pegs in the round hole. He truly is a friend of sinners and a good one. A Father and friend like no other. His love is so strong and so deep that when it hits you, it’s absolutely overwhelming and It is the Love that gets you back on track.

David spoke on behalf of people like me and said “who am I that you are mindful of me”? Because we will never be worthy of His goodness, mercy, grace and kindness.

Due to His loving heart, we are left with no choice but to deliberately, joyously and willingly Love Him back for Loving people like us by striving to do what would ease His daily burden and make Him happy.

Living life as a thank you to God for all He has done. You follow?

So I will not judge you or condemn you on this one.


I however detest the wicked brood of vipers and foxes that have been spreading deception and their sorcery using the name of the Righteous Lord God Almighty.

I reckon that their day is soon to come and they will not escape. They will try to hide but there will be disaster in every corner unless they repent and God turns their heart back by Grace for leading His children astray.

As for you, from today onwards, know that you don’t need to be burdened by vain and filthy festivities and sacrifices.

They have nothing to do with God of Jacob or His begotten son as I have clearly shown you. Also, HE HATES THEM.

If you think you have it in you to correctly and properly do a festival, the Festivals of God of Jacob are the ones found in Leviticus 23. Besides that there are no others and we are not permitted to omit or add to it.

If you think also you have it in you to be righteous in your own might, then the commandments, judgments, ordinances, testimonies and statutes of God are the ones found in His word. Besides that there are no others and we are not permitted to omit or add to it.

Otherwise, what inadequate people like myself and other TRUE members of the body of Christ do, is repent of our sins daily and rely on the righteousness of God who is Christ Jesus in the flesh.

We live, act and do through Him for without Him non is or can be righteous and stands to be judged and condemned eventually.

Heed to the following warnings.

Jeremiah 23:16, 32 vs 34 that says Do not listen to the words of the prophets who are prophesying to you. They are leading you into futility: they speak a vision of their own imagination. NOT from the mouth of the Lord”. Behold I am against those who have prophesied false dreams declares the Lord and related them and led my people astray by their falsehoods and reckless boasting; yet I did not send them or command them, nor do they furnish this people the slightest benefit” declares the Lord.

As for the prophet or the priest or the people who say, “The oracle of the Lord, I will bring punishment upon that man and his household”.

Examples of these are those who are ahead of God in 2020 especially on Youtube “prophesying” and “speaking” about a year that isn’t yet. Let that be a sign to you the listener. Heed not to them. They have not been sent. They prophesy and preach by the name we should not make mention with our mouths!!!

Furthermore, Deuteronomy 13:1-18, “If a prophet or a dreamer of dreams arises among you and gives you a sign or a wonder, and the sign or wonder that he tells you comes to pass, and if he says, ‘Let us go after other gods,’ which you have not known, ‘and let us serve them,’ you shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams.

For the Lord your God is testing you, to know whether you love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul. You shall walk after the Lord your God and fear him and keep his commandments and obey his voice, and you shall serve him and hold fast to him.

But that prophet or that dreamer of dreams shall be put to death, because he has taught rebellion against the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt and redeemed you out of the house of slavery, to make you leave the way in which the Lord your God commanded you to walk. So you shall purge the evil from your midst”.

That’s another example of the dangers of listening to or consulting false prophets but again don’t go shedding blood.

Read the word prayerfully with wisdom and discernment.

To know God is to know He cannot say you shall not murder, warn against blood shedding yet the Bible is full of killings.

Learn to think and think right before you find yourself in error!! He doesn’t condone physical violence. Pray for wisdom!

Deuteronomy 18: 20-22 “But the prophet who presumes to speak a word in my name that I have not commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods, that same prophet shall die”.

And if you say in your heart, ‘How may we know the word that the Lord has not spoken?’— when a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word that the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously. You need not be afraid of him”.

Here too you shall use wisdom for everyone has the ability to correctly sense danger and predict outcomes.

This doesn’t make them prophets!!

If I tell you Donald Trump will become president again for example, it doesn’t make me a prophet. Good guess work and accurate predictions of worldly and material matters is never going to be related to prophecy!!!

Beware too of the teachings of Balaam which are in your midst. Do not mistake those brood of vipers for prophets. Witchcraft is not prophecy!! Neither is cursing people without a cause. That is blatant malice and evil which will be avenged speedily soon!!

Sorcery will be avenged. Enchantment and magic will be avenged. In a span of one hour unexpectedly. Blow upon blow, disaster upon disaster shall it happen to people such as these.

Watch out for Jezebel who is also in your midst. Speaking against others wickedly in the name of God and defiling the body of Christ with her treachery. Her deeds will be acquitted speedily and suddenly.

Meanwhile pay no attention to her teachings and follow not her ways.

Count not the people who most are in this category as Prophets or teachers!!!


To let the Lord have the final say concerning this matter, Mathew 24:24-25, for false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show you great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect. Behold I have told you in advance”.

Steer clear from miracles, signs and wonders.

Pursue the righteousness of God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob by having Faith in Christ Jesus and relying upon His Grace and Mercy.

Seek Him diligently and earnestly and you will find Him and pray at all times.

We are in the beginning of a catastrophic dispensation and so you need to be sober and alert. Stand only on the truth of God, Jesus Christ the Nazarene our High Priest, Bishop of our souls and first born of the Most High God.

Not false teachings and false hopes.

You also do not need a monument, teacher and prophet. Most of which have nothing to do with Christ Jesus the son and God of Jacob.

Neither do you need special clothes, anointing oil, brooms, prayer books and all the things.


I began by giving you a short story.

I said a city can have two different locations with the same exact names.I gave an example of Florence at the North and Florence at the East in the same country.

Then I added that, if I plan a meeting with you the visitor and tell you we meet at Florence in the East, you are obliged to get that location exactly as I have told you because that’s where I live.

I said, while in your own eyes it might be good to choose to go to Florence by the North for your own pleasure, it is right for you to follow my instructions because of fleeting time.

You going to the North is good for you but unfortunately, you will get lost and I will have to cancel my appointment. Leaving us with uncertainty as to when we can see each other again since we all have busy schedules.

My argument was that, the same goes with God’s righteous instructions that He gives for our wellbeing and prosperity.

While it may be good to do our own thing claiming we are doing it for God, I have given enough examples to show you it doesn’t work like that in His Kingdom. What He says is what stands and will stand even when all else falls away.

If you are given a specific instruction, strive to get it right because it matters. Do not add your own ideas to it.

If I say meet me at Florence by the east, that’s where you come because thats where I live. You don’t go against my word and head to Florence by the North.

Precious ones, let us please sober up and learn to follow instructions correctly.

Asking for Grace, Wisdom, Counsel and Understanding when we are not sure of what we are doing.

We must stop behaving like animals that operate on instinct. We cannot race against God. It is impossible.

It is still the year 2019. 2020 begins on 26th of March to be exact.

My point was that a year doesn’t begin in January because you were starting to mingle Pagan things and involving my Father in your filth.

I couldn’t stand it and I worked so hard to strain myself from speaking about it but the issue was burning me inside and I couldn’t be at peace.

Otherwise the times and epochs are best left to our Father.

What He reveals to us is what we know and what is not revealed to us we respectfully not pursue it.

We should stop mixing Paganism and Idolatry with Holiness. We cannot handle the disaster that follows this act and when the disaster arrives it cannot be remedied. So let us think carefully before we act.

You people keep calling the walk with God religion when you are the ones who are religious with your baseless traditions and festivities.

In fact you made me fully comprehend what the Lord meant by “my yoke is easy and my burden is light”.

He came so that we don’t have to practice so many crafts as a form of worship.

He came to set us free from that and allow us by virtue of Faith in Him to come to the righteousness that God requires of us through Him by His grace.

God has spoken of religion once as a matter of fact and what He said about religion is “showing compassion to the poor and needy”. This He considers true Religion and nothing else besides this.

So you claim slavery on the word of God yet it is the other way around.

You are the ones who have all sorts of chains, yokes, iron bands and gates of bronze. Holding the children of my Father in hostage with your baseless ideas. You are absolutely burdening it is so detestable.

Please from today henceforth don’t put the name of Jesus Christ the son of God and the Father on those activities.

Stop using His name for nought.

Leave Him out of it and thank you for making me realize just how freeing Jesus Christ is and how great you are at deception, treachery and enslavement.

All of this labor you do for evil is so useless and you know it.

I am glad in my heart you are wasting your time. Wasting even yourself unfortunately.

For Christ has finished His work from the beginning before we ever were and He is going to grasp His younglings from your weak arms. I say weak because it takes a lot of weakness to be determined to pursue wickedness.

Despite all, Glory to the Father that overwhelming victory is ours through Christ who loved us and nothing will separate us from His everlasting lovingkindness.


1 John 1:8-10

If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

If we claim we have not sinned, we make Him out to be a liar and His word is not in us.

1 John 2:1-3

My dear children, I write this to you so that you will not sin. But if anybody does sin, we have an advocate with the Father-Jesus Christ, the Righteous one. He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world.

We know we have come to know Him if we keep His commands. Whoever says “I know Him” but does not do what He commands is a liar, and the truth is not in that person.

But if anyone obeys His word, Love for God is truly made complete in them. This is how we know we are in Him. Whoever claims to live in Him must live as Jesus did.

As I have said many times, I and all of us are all sinners.

If you have been participating in these things, there is no justification for it except to repent.

Choose what you will do. I pray you make a wise decision and come to the knowledge of truth.

When I realized I was guilty on this matter, what I did was, I went to the throne of Grace and Mercy with boldness and asked for forgiveness so that I could receive mercy and grace for my time of need. As it is written.

Since then I believe I was forgiven and I forgave myself.

Few years down the line I woke up hating the whole festivities after uncovering their background stories and since then have not participated in them.

May we lift up our standard of worship. May we be true to God so that we can be successfully true to ourselves and others. May we be mindful of our acts even for the sake of future generations. May the good Lord Almighty have mercy upon us and forgive us for all of our wicked ways. May the dark cloud of ignorance that is oppressing our ability to function RIGHT, be rebuked by our advocate now more than ever. May our Father continue to be glorified in Heaven and on earth now and forever more. Through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour I pray,

Amen and I wish you all well.

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