Embrace life changes

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How to embrace life changes. Inspiration drawn from Eagles

Embrace life changes my darling. It is the best favor you can ever grant yourself. Even if it’s hard and it doesn’t make sense, faith it and face it. The hardest changes to make are the ones you need to make in order to fulfill your purpose, find meaning in your life, know yourself and be a good savage.

In this read you will find out all there is about embracing life changes with lessons drawn from the eagle. Yes! A bird. A very fierce good looking bird. Have a seat.. have a seat!! Tea or wine? Did you miss me by the way? At the back, are you alright? Can you hear me? G R E A T. After you read this, don’t dilly dally. Act accordingly.

A lot of us today, are stuck in some situations. Very toxic non-serving situations and the reason why you are still in a situation that does you more harm than good, is because you are afraid of CHANGE. Period.

The eagle has some lessons we can borrow. All you need, is to have the inner drive, to want the best for yourself, so that you can increase your value, in order to pursue the purpose assigned to you successfully, for God’s glory. Period!

This word period by the way, I have been saying it a lot lately. I could be in a restaurant and the waiter describes the wine and as soon as he is done.. I go, PERIOD! Like a mad woman lol. I need to stop saying it and I will. Pe… just kidding.

Embracing life changes

Embrace life changes

We can all agree-if you’re keen enough that, change is very difficult yes? And we also agree that lack of change MIGHT be the reason why we face most challenges such as mental illness today yes? Change, the refusal of it, has actually led to war, marginalization, death, poverty, fake people, settling in bad relationships, stagnation and further problems. You knew that too I assume yes? Wonderful!

Stick with me. I have something to tell you. Concerning change because the refusal to embrace change is the reason why we never move forward as fast as we should. In fact, we don’t live to our truest potential.

Actually, most of the problems you face, if you have an eagle’s vision, you know they are not there to harm you but rather they symbolize, its time to change and grow forth. Whatever it could be. It means shit happens SHIFT, HAPPENS- a shift is happening. I’ll explain further but first, come and let me introduce you to my favorite bird, the eagle. I am very fascinated by it if you must know.

How the eagle and I met

Maybe I should begin by enlightening you how we began our relationship. The eagle and I that is. By the way we are so close that every weekend or sometimes during the weekday and I am not even joking, the eagle comes right in front of the window to stunt on me. When I watch it, I feel like I am on a Cirque Du Soleil albeit performed by the eagle.

It flies so high in style, goes round then comes a bit down (still very high) and then higher and higher. Sometimes I see it disappear in the clouds and I’m thinking WOW. One time it put me to sleep during the day when I was catching my afternoon nap.

Otherwise, once upon a time in High School , It was mid break time or something and I was hungry.

Usually in a boarding school, parents give you pocket money to use for emergency situations and to splurge at the cafeteria. So the little money I had left, I decided I was going to use it to get a hot dog. I know you know the look and smell of a hot dog when you are absolutely hungry?

Alright! I grab my hot dog with my remaining coins and no sooner had I sat down to enjoy myself than I heard a very strong flap beside me, got a scratch with which I still carry the mark on my face to this day and with a blink of an eye swoosh! My hot dog was already 10 million meters high. The eagle snatched it out of my hand.

Now, when I tell you how strong an eagle’s flap is? The scratch, how vicious it was?

The thing is, rather than fuss and be mad that my snack was gone, I was left speechless. The confidence, Chutzpah if I may, that this bird has is nothing but fascinating. The sound of the flap of its wings I cannot describe and when I read that it’s one of God’s favorite creations… I totally get it. The bird has got the IT factor.

Anyway, I went back to class for a boring math lesson with my stomach grumbling because the eagle felt like it needed the hot dog more than I did. That’s how we met. “One thing led to another and the rest is history” *shrugsshoulders*!

A Brief Story About The Eagle

Embrace life changes

It turns out, the eagle has a life span of 70 years and it is aware of this. Glory to God’s impeccability! However, there is a catch and again the eagle is aware of this and acts accordingly.

Apparently, when it turns 40 years, it realizes its aging and the body is obviously changing. This means it doesn’t perform the same. The talons don’t grab the prey the same and this puts it in a dangerous position of starvation. Sometimes to death.

It’s sharp, long beak begins to wear off meaning it cannot pick food as it should. The artsy and elegant wings begin to thicken and weigh more further hindering it from flying properly.

Embrace life changes-how to

As soon as the eagle realizes it has the option to wither and die or embrace the life change, which is seemingly painful, guess what it does? It goes to hiding on its nest which it has to build before time runs out, on top of a mountain in order to survive and continue thriving.

Once the nest is built, it disappears for a while and is no longer hunting and gathering:

  1. It knocks out its beak until its plucked out and then it trusts SOMEHOW that a new beak will regenerate
  2. It plucks out it’s talons with the new beak that regenerates
  3. While the new talons are regenerating, it plucks out the heavy feathers that were weighing it down and again trust SOMEHOW that new feathers will grow again

After it has completed the painful process of change and everything has regenerated, it takes its first ever flight of rebirth and continues to soar high above the storms for another 30 solid years. Now, back to you!

How can we apply this information to our lives in order to better the art of embracing life changes?

You can see that a BIRD is so self aware that it knows when its time for change? Then it actually takes action for it to be able to live longer and successfully? It takes itself to the painful process of change that it knows it needs so that it can be able to live better?!

The more I watch animals and birds for this matter, I am left with so many questions concerning human beings. Especially when I realize that God’s plan was for Him to establish His kingdom on earth standing on the shoulders of Christ. I mean if you look at nature you can really see that God had something great in mind during creation but……..

You know, I am a very straight forward person and I’ll say, most of the stresses and troubles we go through are of our own doing. In fact, God is so kind that He will always show you when something or someone is wrong for you/change is needed but we ignore these things and continue leaning in our own understanding.

If there is a beak you need to break and allow a new one to regenerate, metaphorically speaking, life will communicate through God usually as discomfort but then we let pride, ego and fear get on our way.

Especially in this error of everyone acting like their life is very perfect on social media, we are under estimating change and struggle. There can never be solutions without problems so when I look at these social media perfections, I can’t help but wonder who is kidding who?

Nobody wants to be seen going through change and or struggling. Its all about look at my shoes, look at my bag, look at my food, look at my car, look at my house, look at me. Which can very well be the contributing factor towards mental illness among all other challenges.

PS: I am not saying its wrong to parade your life on social media. No. I am just saying that the “happiness and blessings” we try to portray, is a bit unusual.

First of all considering the way growth is painful. I take it that the people that are always perfect are not growing or what’s going on? Growth is not a joke and that’s a fact. Then how less time you have for things and useless associations when you are focused on bettering yourself or pursuing your goals. Especially when you are embracing life changes and acting accordingly, there really is no time to waste. Hehe! So……

This is also why my kind of people are the raw and straight forward people who share challenges and the process they grow through to be where they are. Also I have to mention, with the rave of “positivity” where everyone fakes a funk to look happy when they’re crumbling inside is the fastest way to get to your death bed if you ask me.

I know people who are the loudest in the room but when you pull them aside there actually is no true joy or even personality and as a matter of fact they have to use substances to stay “positive”. My question is what’s the point? Is it really worth it? are you being true to yourself?

Look at the eagle? When you see it flying so elegantly high above the sky, you will never know it was hiding at the mountain peaks in pain trusting the process of its journey. Breaking a beak, plucking out talons and feathers just so it would live another 30 years of thriving.

I have seen many other animals, on planet earth, using strategies individually and as teams to thrive better in the wild and I know you’re familiar with the term “survival for the fittest”? I mean even Jesus at one point says “those that endure to the end, will be saved”.

There are principles that govern this universe and the shortcuts we take in the world system cannot be applied in nature’s system. It doesn’t matter how high your I.Q is, what title is behind your name, well connected you are or how long your CV can be.

All through your life, if you are growing, you need to make and embrace changes in life. Cut off habits, terrible jobs, people and unnecessary clutter. Regroup and refocus. Nowadays, people just team up for the sake of teaming up so that they fit in and check the list. You know I am not lying? If you pay attention, you see this.

For me, I think, we need to end the funks, stop surviving and start thriving. The eagle, had a choice to live to be 40 maybe plus one or two.. surviving but it knows it is created to be above the storms and to fly high so it does what needs to be done to live up to its purpose and I’m saying if a mere bird can think and act like this, so can I and so can we.

Break the beak, pull out the talons and feathers that are weighing you down and soar high. We were not born to settle around wallowing in mediocrity. If the eagle knows this then a human being knows better. Whether the change is painful or uncomfortable, go to the nest, at your mountain peak and face it. You will do just fine. Your job as a human being has never been to worry about tomorrow, yesterday, people, the future and the HOWs. Your duty is to BE the best version of yourself for you to thrive and fulfill your purpose.

When we learn to embrace change in our life, we will enjoy the untapped privileges accustomed to us by our father in heaven without being slaves to things and people. You are more than you imagine. Get that in your head and things will never be the same again.

Embracing life changes

Share this post with someone that really needs it. Sometimes, all one needs is a word of encouragement to steer them off and share your thoughts on this briefing. What do you think? Do I make sense? Are you embracing change and how? Maybe we can learn from your experience?

I can’t help but think of that “YOU raise me up, so I can stand on mountains…. I am strong when I am on your shoulders” song as I conclude this.

Fun fact: Eagles make love in the air!! I mean….. how sophisticated does it get? They need to be sure it ain’t Hens. Rolling with the real ones. LOL. On a second thought, If God is as sophisticated as He is and so are His creations I’m talking animals and birds, why should we settle for/be mediocrity/mediocre? Just asking for a friend? RAISE YOUR STANDARDS BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY AND ADD TAXES! If the eagle can do it I repeat, so can you and I. You are extremely valuable and priceless. That, if you ask me is not a joking matter and not something you should explain, be embarrassed or sorry about. Period!

WE including I need to STEP THE EARTH UP!! Humbly yet Fiercely!! We cannot have only 3% of humanity changing and making the world year in year out. They are soon retiring and will need a replacement. Plus there is room for 7 billion people to shine and prosper. All of us. God is cool like that. Meaning its not a competition against anyone but the image you see in the mirror. Halloooooo? Lol.

Daily, affirm to yourself (I hope I don’t sound like a guru or prosperity preacher) but daily, AFFIRM with confidence and all your might: I AM, getting better and better. I Am soaring higher and higher. I AM living my purpose. IAM running and will not grow weary, I AM mounting up on wings like eagles and create more affirmations for yourself.

Stop this nonsense of acting humble without really being it. It takes not only humility but also gratitude ESPECIALLY before God, to be the best version of YOURSELF. Not Kylie Jenner and what have you but YOU, YOURSELF and YOU.

As long as that heart of yours is majestically pumping blood. Comprende? Good!

Do whatever it takes without violating God, the universe and anything under it to be the BEST in the right environment while keeping in mind, “you can’t judge the ability of a fish by asking it to climb a tree”. So don’t try to be your best in the wrong environment. Save your energy, find your mountain peak and break the beak, talon and feathers. Keep renewing and keep soaring high. One day you will account for your 24/7/365 and the social media people and whoever/whatever you’re trying to please, will not be there with you. Whether you like it or not. Whether you believe it or not. Key that in and remember it always.

please have a great week and stay tuned for more posts. Maybe on my next post we should go through steps on how to embrace change in life. Other than that, I send you love and peace.

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Embrace life changes


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