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Understanding the Genesis Creation Story


Understanding the Genesis Creation Story
Genesis 1

We all know the mockery of the creation story in the book of Genesis, that has dragged along for years. Given that our “teachers” have not been able to explain very well what they’re “teaching”.

This has led people to doubt not only the relevance of the creation story but the scripture in its entirety. I get where they’re coming from because if you contradict the beginning really, why exactly should I believe the middle and the end?

If you are trying to make it seem as “the teacher”, that the authors of the word didn’t get the details right on the creation story then it should be plausible for me to question whether their words were really inspired by God.

In this article, though my aim is to show you why you need to cultivate patience as a virtue, you will come to the understanding of the creation story and find out what it has to do with you but before I do that, I want to have fun with an atheist argument.


Creation Story

An atheist asked his audience to assume for a moment that God is real. Then he told them to take the Genesis creation story at face-value. He then confidently began by saying, people believe that Moses was the author of the book of Genesis but he wonders where Moses got the story from.

Further he stated, Moses was a prophet who spoke directly to God but He was not alive at the time of creation. So in that case, he got the creation story either from God or from the tales humans passed down from generation to generation.

Then, he says that there is a part that no human could have witnessed. That is the five days of creation before Adam was made. Acknowledging that only God could have told humans about the five days.

After, he analyses the five days and says he finds it to be wrong. Alleging the earth was not made before the sun nor was it made before the stars. He noted the stars are not lights in a firmament and there is no firmament or water above it. (Beautiful and factual observation! I will explain) but let me finish.

Drawing his conclusion, he argued, day and night could not have been created before the sun since the sun, together with the rotation of the earth gives us day and night. Life does not appear suddenly on earth over the course of a few days and several years have passed between the earliest forms and those we can see today.

So for him, the genesis creation story “is a comedy of errors” and it allows him to “draw a confident conclusion” that Moses did not get the story from God. Leaving the possibility that the story came from the imagination of men. Raising the question how much of the rest of Genesis came from the imaginations of men and how much of the rest of the Bible.


Creation Story

Precious people, can we just reason together here for a moment.

As you have seen above, the author began by asking his audience to “assume God is real”. Looking at the definition of an assumption, it is “a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof” or “the action of taking on power or responsibility”.

From the start, the foundation has been laid wrongly hence the house is definitely going to fall.

There is only one way you can approach God in heaven and on earth. That is by Faith in Him through Grace of His begotten son Jesus Christ of Nazareth. There is no other way. So, you cannot “assume God is real” and expect to understand Him or His word.

I believe we all know what a will is? The legal document that somebody leaves behind to express how they wish their property to be distributed?

I’m asking because the word of God is His will. Only that this is the only existing will that belongs to someone who is alive. You work out a will according to the wishes of the person and not your own. True or False?

So if God says according to His will in James 1: 5-6 that if we lack wisdom we should ask Him who gives generously and without reproach and we will receive if we ask in faith without any doubting for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea driven and tossed by the wind for we ought not to expect anything from Him.

Creation Story

Wouldn’t it be fair and just to go according to His will if we are really keen on wanting to understand His word and have it make sense to us?

Another thing is, a will cannot be given or shown to someone that is not a member of the family or trusted. Is that right?

I bet you cannot give me your personal information if you don’t trust me. Neither will you allow me to get to know you. Correct?

If that’s correct, and you know it is, God is the same. He says again in His will, John 12:40, he has blinded their eyes and has hardened their heart, so that they would not see with their eyes and understand with their heart, be converted and be healed.

This is due to lack of faith and should be fair right?

Given that even us as humans we do not allow people we don’t trust to come close to us or know us? Neither do we reveal our wills to people who are not members of the family or untrustworthy right?

So this precious soul missed the point and many more will continue to miss the point, as long as they continue to approach the will without faith.

Secondly, he bases his arguments on other people’s beliefs by saying “people believe that Moses…” and I’m afraid yet again that is the wrong foundation.

One cannot successfully construct knowledge or extract from it, without first having an individual set of beliefs, justified by experiences and matching with their own perception of reality. As much as he lost me from the get go, he lost me even further with this.


Jeremiah 39:13, in the will, because we are going according to the will. It states, YOU (the individual) will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.

God sets a standard for those who TRULY want to know Him and how He can be successfully found. Part of finding Him, is Him generously leading you to Himself by mercifully granting you an understanding.

That being said, you cannot rely on outside sources to try and understand Him. Unless you want to confirm what you have personally already understood and experienced.

The same way I cannot base my knowledge or understanding of you based on what I hear from people. I have to know you for myself first before I draw my own conclusions.

Then If I am going to ask somebody else, its only to seek a confirmation of what I’ve already found out. Almost how it works in a job interview and the recommendation letter.

Thirdly, because the foundation of his construction and extraction of knowledge was wrong from the beginning, everything else partially made sense. Like a lot of information you have floating around today.

Partial truths to fool you into thinking you have a sense of knowledge because if you come to know the full truth you will no longer be a slave. Mentally especially. The world doesn’t like that.

Anyway, he said Moses was not alive at the time of creation and that is true logically but false spiritually. The problem here is that, you cannot explain spiritual matters with the physical as I have stated before. Unless you want to use it as a symbol, figure of speech, parable, riddle or whatever other tools we use to explain something.

Otherwise, it was creation that established Moses and he was there at the time of creation. Nobody is and nothing can be, without creation. I will explain that later.

Other than that, creation cannot be passed down from one generation to another. Every living being experiences creation within individually and simultaneously until it comes to full completion.


He also stated that there is a part no human could have witnessed and that is the creation before Adam. That’s absolutely true. It is not possible to witness creation. You cannot see how your ideas form in the mind. How a baby grows in a mother’s womb. How your food digests and how your cells move in the body.

You are going to say, well you can see cells under a microscope and a baby with ultra sound. You can but you don’t see the process of formation thereof. Only the surface content.

Do you know what’s interesting with the word of God? You need a microscope too. A spiritual one, to get a glimpse for the one we hope for later.

Also to be honest, are we just idle or what? I don’t see the relevance in trying to delve too deep in to the unknown when we can barely handle the shallow matters.

We start swimming in the shallow end and then when we fully learn how to swim, we can go to the deep. No? Or you prefer drowning? Like we are drowning in this modern day in confusion with all the knowledge and “intellectual” arguments? That don’t seem to solve anything?

Green Mountains

One thing I applaud him for is acknowledging that God told humans about the five days of creation. That is absolutely true. He does give His knowledge to people even those who don’t look for it by His grace and mercy, in an attempt to save us from trouble. Some receive it and others reject it.

I further applaud him for his careful analysis that the earth was not made before the sun nor was it made before the stars. Indeed the stars are not lights in a firmament and there is no water above it. This is not only true but also a wonderful observation. You’ll see why later.

Rightfully so, day and night could not have been created before the sun since the sun together with the rotation of the earth give us day and night.

Indeed, life does not appear suddenly on earth over the course of a few days.

However, I’m confused as to whether truly the Genesis creation story is a comedy of errors or you actually see who you are?

Also is a “confident conclusion” both subjective and relative for this case? because Moses was as a result of creation and explained the creation story from God. Moreover, the story is never going to be “an imagination of men” because as a matter of fact the creation story is still ongoing.

Let me give you guys a tour. What the creation story actually means.


Bible Study

By the way, I want to point out something very important. I am non-denominational and non-partisan. I stopped listening to sermons many years ago.

Aside from fellowshipping with people in the market place, I don’t attend what you call church. You know why by now if you read all articles.

Occasionally, I keenly observe what the 450 prophets are alleging in the name of the Father.

I never google meaning of scriptures except the specific scriptures to read. Nobody on earth has influenced my interpretation and actually nobody has confused me more than the gatherings in the buildings.

All that I write concerning the word, occurs as I am learning. By means of daily waking up foolish and boldly acknowledging I am a sinner.

I have not attended school of theology and God forbid I do when we have a WONDER-FULL teacher of the spirit.

Every interpretation of the Word of God in this spiritual side, is from the interaction I experience during my meditation. To which I can confirm that yes, the book of meditation that we commonly call a Bible is actually a living book. HE speaks.

I am also not shy from making mistakes. If I understand something with error from my side, I will admit to it and rectify it as I advance. I am a learning student not a master.

I do not allow even my own mind to imagine ideas. I read the word prayerfully, repentantly and as a result I experience paradigm shifts.

When I struggle to understand, I lay aside the book and give it time until I get it. Actually the obstacles of not understanding when I want to, is what made me realize, it’s not up to me to know what I need to in the word. Knowing and understanding is a privilege.

So In my presence, you will not call the word a fairy tale or a myth.

I am a real human being that has seen and witnessed for a long time, honey flow from a rock.

I am not telling you this because I want to change your beliefs whatever they may be. I cannot do that because its not up to me.

There is a misconception out here that when someone talks about Jesus Christ of Nazareth, they are trying to convert you. That is a conceited idea because nobody just comes to the Lord. No human being has the power to convert you to Him. He calls you. We don’t just go. So everybody calm down.

Next I hear “you’re forcing your religion on others”. I have written an extensive article showing you that even for the servants, those they minister to, it’s not because they can or by chance.

God leads the one that needs to hear the message to the appointed servant. It’s not about you-us, its about God’s Love. To come to Him, speak to Him, be forgiven, Hear from Him, is not a RIGHT but a PRIVILEGE.

I am actually strongly against proselytising and judaizing others. Also, there is nothing RELIGIOUS concerning God, it’s all about a relationship like any other. A literal ONE ON ONE RELATIONSHIP between a Holy One and an inadequate one. Where the inadequate becomes adequate through His Love, Grace and Mercy.

So why am I telling you this?

I just want you to know the truth and the rest is up to you through grace and mercy of Christ Jesus.

God is real. Jesus Christ is alive. He lives in our midst in ordinary people and is a loyal friend of sinners. The Holy Spirit is real and is A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON.

The Kingdom of God is not up there otherwise the birds of heaven would get there first. The Kingdom of God is at hand, in and on earth.

We are just not paying attention as we should. He is with us but the world does not recognize Him and His own people reject Him. I guess we will all eventually believe when He returns as a King and a Judge.

The creation story is not a myth but a beautiful and loving story about YOU. US. WE. ALL.

It is a story about the beginning of salvation, the process thereof until its completion. It’s about the creation of the spirit to eventually transform into the likeness and image of our Father in heaven. That’s why there are two creation stories all in one place. Of the spirit told first then the physical. I believe if you bothered to ask why there is a double creation then maybe our perception of the story wouldn’t have been that marred.


If you want to learn beautiful mysteries of the Kingdom and share secrets with the one that inspires the authors to tell about Him, you have to be like a little child.

Don’t touch the Bible with loftiness and uninformed agendas. It will dumbfound you as it continues to dumbfound many. I am telling the truth.

Jesus Christ is first a corner stone. Then, He is a stumbling block. Take this seriously. He will unite many but also many will fall because of Him.

Creation Story

Now that that’s out of the way, know that we are still on the process of seeing God’s promises come to life. I have taken you through the challenges you will face and I have shown you how to successfully overcome them. I have further gone ahead to warn you that a lot of the “churches” you attend are hugely part of your problem. I even showed you how you are likely to get sidelined by the churchians.

I did mention that the process of you becoming who you are meant to be takes time. Comes with challenges.

Now I will, through the underestimated story of creation in Genesis, show you why you need to be patient.

Even as the story glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven. Truly the work is finished and was finished from the beginning. You will see how.

Talk Later.

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